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Week In Review – Picture Version

This evening’s post is a review of my previous week with lots of pictures and very few words… I met Cody, the Siberian Husky, on my neighborhood trail for the first time this week… And then tripped over this ice formation in the tunnel.  The tunnel is dark so I couldn’t see the ice without […]


Feral Cat Alley

We had a small turnout for our Cruisers group run this morning.  It was as lean as my work week was with so many people on vacation.  Bill, Beth, and I ran 14 miles together after Beth had already run two miles.  She’s training for the Wineglass Marathon in October.  Alan doesn’t have a race […]


Cruisers Celebrating The Right Way… With A Run

Just as Tropical Storm Andrea hits the east coast, my new Runner’s World Magazine arrived in the mail.  If I can train my clients tomorrow morning plus get my chores done, perhaps I can curl up during the rainy afternoon and read it from cover-to-cover.  This month is a special issue covering the Boston bombings.  […]

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