Last night Potomac River Running Store hosted our local Moms RUN This Town running club for an evening out and a short seminar on the biomechanics of running. We were originally scheduled to have a yoga for runners class, too, but the yoga instructor slipped on ice earlier this week and hurt her ankle. I hope she’s recovering nicely.



Having only run with the group about three times (yes, I’m two-timing the Cruisers), it was nice to get to know the other moms better. Since I run with them before daylight, it was nice to talk to them without a bright running headlamp shining in my eyes when I faced them and to finally see what they look like!

A special thank you goes to Jorge and Potomac River Running Store for supplying food and drinks for our night out!



Maybe I should be, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I made more than a few trips to the table to dip strawberries and pineapple in chocolate !



Jorge gave us a short presentation on running form. When he mentioned fuel, he kind of lost us. Suddenly we jumped up from our seats, moved over to the fuel wall, and started talking about which gels, chews, and bars we use, or have tried and didn’t like. I’m not sure if Jorge was finished, but apparently we were! Oops, sorry Jorge!



After the presentation Jorge checked running form and made shoe recommendations for anyone needing help. Two other store employees were on hand to help us and answer any additional questions we had.



Laurie’s purchase of Brooks running shoes entitled her to Brooks VIP Porta Potty pass for her upcoming Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half Marathon! Even though I’m not running in that race, I am insanely jealous! There’s nothing I like better than easy access to a porta potty at a race!



I loved this hoodie so much I had to buy it! And if you follow me on Instagram, you saw a picture of me modeling it this morning.



This just made me laugh!



And of course we had to get the obligatory group photo!


Chapter Leaders: Elizabeth (front left) and Amanda (front right)

Before we left we all got a Brooks Transcend bag, and three of us won door prizes. For my prize I chose an assortment of fuels.



And finally, a big thank you goes to Elizabeth for organizing last night’s event! I’m sure I speak for the other ladies when I thank both Elizabeth and Amanda for being chapter leaders and keeping this group of mom runners organized!



  • Questions:
  • What was the last seminar you attended, either for fun or work?
  • What’s the earliest you’ve ever gone on a run? ~ 4:30 AM before my brother-in-law’s wedding
  • What was the last thing you won?