It’s time for Friday Five linkup with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run!

Each week Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar either suggest a theme for that week’s Friday Five Linkup, or leave it up to individual bloggers to come up with their own Free Friday theme.  This week’s theme is Goals and we were encouraged to catch our readers up on where we stand on our goals for this year…


 On New Year’s Day I published my 2014 Running Resolutions, and listed eight running goals, but then only six weeks later, I second guessed myself and wrote Being Realistic When Setting Goals.  Since this is Friday Five, I’ll address the first five goals and let you know where I stand on meeting them.

1.  More trail runs and races – Check!

Back in April, Bill and I ran the EX2Adventures Spring Backyard Burn Ten Mile Trail Run at Fountainhead Park.  It was on a pretty technical course and I loved it, and I hope to run more of their trail races next spring.  In May I ran in Great Falls Park, and in June I ran at Hungry Mother State Park, both technical trails.  In July I ran on the C&O Canal, a much easier trail, but still a true trail.

2.  Run a sub two-hour half marathon – Check!

In March I ran the Inaugural Loudoun Half Marathon with hopes of running it strong, but with no particular goal for that race since my sights were set on the Hokie Half Marathon in October.  Not only did I run a sub two-hour race, but I set a PR of 1:54:34 (8:45 pace).  Keep in mind that the half marathon was not a distance that I raced very often back when I was younger and faster so it was easier for me to set a PR.

3.  Run a sub 24-minute 5K – Check!

I was delighted in June when I ran the Fit Foodie 5K in 23:49 (7:40 pace) and won my age group.  A month later I cut 1:30 off of my Firecraker 5K time from last year’s race, but wasn’t able to break 24 minutes on that course.

4.  Create greater variety in running venues – Check!

This goal was meant to be for training runs, not races.  I have a tendency to love routine, and therefore; spend most of my time training on the W&OD Trail.  This year, in addition to running in Great Falls Park and Hungry Mother State Park, I ventured off of the W&OD and ran on the C&O Canal at Point of Rocks in Maryland.  I could improve upon this goal by traveling a little more for my training runs, but at least it’s a start!

5.  More blogger meet-up runs – Check!

I have been great with this particular goal, and hope to have several more meet-ups before the year is over.  In fact, I will have a post dedicated to blogger meet-ups at the end of the year.  To date, I’ve run with Becky, Julie, Courtney, Sue, Allison, Anne, Kim, Dora, Logan, Meagan, Amy, Erika, Cynthia, Lauren, and Katie.


If I were to talk about meeting goals 6, 7, and 8, my results wouldn’t be so impressive.  I guess I should be happy that it’s Friday Five, and not Friday Eight!

  • Questions:
  • Did you set 2014 goals?
  • Where do you stand on your goals?
  • Do you like routine or adventure?