Last night the Cruisers had their annual Christmas party.  Each Cruiser who wants to participate in the gift exchange brings a wrapped gift.  I stopped by Potomac River Running on Wednesday and picked up two mugs and two Christmas ornaments for Bill and me to give away.  I paired them like you see below, and secretly hoped I’d win the “I Love Running” mug, because one can never have too much running stuff!



In the past we’ve always gone to Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse for dinner first, and then returned to Bill’s and my house for dessert and gift exchange.  We added a new stop this year for added fun, though!  We congregated at Joe and Suzanne’s house first for appetizers and drinks.  I was so blown away by the delicious assortment of food that I failed to take a picture, but trust me, it was amazing!  Oh, and did I mention that they served chocolate martinis?

With so many holiday commitments, we had Cruisers coming and going for different parts of the evening.  Beth was able to join us for appetizers, but couldn’t stay for dinner.  Amanda joined us for dinner, but couldn’t stay for dessert.  Jerome…  You get the point.  It was so fun seeing everyone, and we really missed our friends that couldn’t attend.


Amanda, Shawn, and Alan


Bill and Deb

Half of the fun of going to a Japanese steakhouse is watching the food being prepared…


The other half is enjoying the delicious food!  And catching the shrimp that the chef tosses toward your mouth!


After dinner, we headed to our house for desserts and after dinner drinks, but we were so full that hardly anything was touched.

The gift exchange was loads of fun, and I ended up being able to steal the “I Love Running” mug and ornament from Shawn, and was lucky enough not to have it stolen back from me!  Expect to see a picture of it filled with hot chocolate the next time it snows!


Keri was the winner of the two BAMR Bands headbands in my giveaway last week!  I have contacted her, and look forward to her feedback on these cute and functional hair accessories!  Thank you again, Katie, for donating two of your adorable headbands to my giveaway.

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  • Questions:
  • Have you attended any holiday parties so far this season?
  • Do you like lobster? ~ I actually prefer shrimp, crab, and scallops over lobster.
  • Who raced this weekend?