“A dream is just a dream.
A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline”

– Harvey MacKay




1.  Consistent Weight Training To Prevent Injuries

I have been blessed to be relatively healthy with all of the running I do, and I don’t like to dwell on little niggles here and there.  My back can get annoyed every once in a while, and causes sciatic nerve pain in my right leg at various places (hammie, calf, ankle).  In fact, it flared up last March just before the Reston Ten Miler to the point that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run the race.  I ended up running that race very conservatively, and went on to have one of the best training and racing seasons of my career.  This current little flare-up will pass, and just requires patience, doing my core/multifidus exercises, and avoiding sitting on unsupported surfaces/lifting incorrectly.  And when I aggravate my back, I need to force myself to take ibuprofen to fight the inflammation and get my little L4-L5 bulge to settle back down with this current flare-up.

A year ago, consistent weight training was the farthest thing from my mind because I hadn’t missed training three times per week in about 20 years (except when visiting my parents or the beach house).  I’m not kidding.  Since my arm surgeries in August, I just haven’t gotten back into my routine, and it’s showing with this current flare-up.

2.  Run 2015 kilometers (1252 miles)

Provided I get past this little bump in the road and stay healthy the rest of the year, running 1,252 miles shouldn’t be terribly hard to achieve.  It’s only 123 miles farther than the 1,129 miles I ran in 2014.

3.  Create A Monthly Destination Run

I’ve volunteered to create a destination run once per month for my MRTT group; and if they don’t mind, I’ll invite the Cruisers along for the fun.  Currently, both groups meet at a local park for the start of our runs, and rarely deviate from that location.  A change in scenery will be welcomed!

I’ll incorporate last year’s goal of running the length of the W&OD Trail into our runs.  We’ll cover a segment of the trail each week/month until we’ve run the entire 44.5 miles.  I did that with the Cruisers several years ago and it was quite fun.

There are plenty of other beautiful locations for us to choose from without having to drive too terribly far.  The C&O Canal, Great Falls Park, and Burke Lake are just a few that come to mind.

4.  Go On More Trail Runs

Perhaps I can tie this into #4 and convince my MRTT and Cruiser friends to hit the Appalachian Trail with me a time or two.  I’m also hoping to finally run at Pandapas Pond in SW Virginia with Meagan and Jane; and perhaps convince them to join Bill and me for a run up to Mcafee Knob.

5.  Learn How To Use My GoPro For Documenting Runs

It’s hard to learn how to use something if you don’t actually try.  Since getting my GoPro for my birthday in November, I’ve hardly touched it.  For Christmas I was given a remote control and several different devices for carrying my GoPro with me on runs.  Learning to use it properly is high on my list, so expect plenty more pictures in 2015!


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  • Questions:
  • What are your 2015 fitness goals?
  • Do you make other New Year’s Resolutions?
  • Did you set a mileage goal for 2015?