On January 1, 2014 I set my running goals for the year.  What better day than the last day of the year to take a look and see how I did on those goals, and to give myself a grade…

1.  More trail runs and races –  C

Bill and I ran one trail race, and went on three trail runs during 2014.

2.  Run a sub two-hour half marathon – A+

I ran two halves in 2014, and ran both in under two hours.

3.  Run a sub-24-minute 5K – A+

I ran six 5K’s in 2014, and hit the sub 24-minute mark on my third try.

4.  Greater variety in running venues – D+

In addition to Bill and me hitting a few new trails in 2014, I ran on the C&O Canal with some friends one time.  I’ve volunteered to plan a special run once a month for my running group in 2015 so hopefully this will be a goal I can hit next year.

5.  More blogger meetup runs – A+

I was a regular social butterfly with my blogger friends in 2014!

6.  Consistent cardio cross-training – D

After purchasing my LifeCycle spin bike in January, I was very good at cross-training until the weather turned nice.  Just as soon as those birds started singing, I wanted to be outside with them!

7.  Run length of W&OD Trail – F

My goal was to break the W&OD Trail up into 10-12 mile segments and run each segment on a Saturday morning over the course of a month or two.  With the exception of accompanying Ellie for a portion of her ultra, I barely made it out of my little neighborhood

8.  Plan more Cruiser events – C-

During January I started two-timing on the Cruisers – plain and simple.  I met a group of vibrant women that love running as much as I do, and suddenly found myself incredibly involved with them.  It’s not that I’ve put the Cruisers on the back seat to my MRTT friends, it’s just with 400+ ladies in my chapter, and only about 8-12 active Cruisers, there’s always an MRTT friend to run with, and not necessarily a Cruiser.

I held the usual Cruiser events, but didn’t add any new ones as I’d hoped.

  • June – Miles’ Pancake Run
  • November – Thanksgiving Morning Post-Race Brunch
  • December – Annual Christmas Party

I had a heart-to-heart talk with some of my Cruisers friends to try to see why they’re not showing up for Saturday morning runs, and it seems to pretty much be a timing thing.  Now that their children are older, they don’t need to run early and be home in time for soccer games, etc.  I on the other hand, want to get up and get my day started, even on Saturdays.  If I scheduled our runs for 10 AM, I’d have a better showing, but I’d lose half of my day.

I plan to enjoy the best of both worlds, and enjoy a run or social activity with anyone from either group that’s willing to let me hang out with them!

Bonus points for other races and unwritten goals met:

I had never run a Ragnar Relay, but had wanted to for several years.  I decided that 2014 was the year to accomplish that goal and became a captain for our Ragnar DC team, Cruisers Rockin’ The Relay.  It was one of the most fun races I’ve ever run, and I couldn’t wait to do it again so I’m signed up for Ragnar Appalachians in June!

Other races I ran in 2014:

I ended 2014 with 1,129 miles.  Not bad.  Not bad at all!


  • Questions:
  • How did you do with your 2014 goals?
  • Have you set your 2015 goals? ~ I’ll post mine tomorrow
  • Who has a race today or tomorrow?