Last Monday on the blog, my friend Beth and I talked about her clean eating plan, and I mentioned to that I would be joining her for a five-day challenge starting soon.  The time has come, and that day is today.

To me, clean eating isn’t a fad diet, it’s eating fresh and whole foods, it’s shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, and it involves making flavorful foods with natural ingredients, and without opening prepackage bags and boxes that have a two-year shelf life.

It’s safe to say that when Bill and spend time at the beach house we eat very clean.  With the exception of cereal for breakfast, our meals consist of a salad, freshly roasted vegetables, and grilled fish, chicken, or occasionally steak.  Other than our 5 PM (and 6 PM, and…) cocktails, we do pretty well without even trying.  We think the beach screams for fresh food and couldn’t imagine eating anything else.

For the most part, the rest of our summer and fall eating is similar.  With farmers’ markets plentiful, it’s easy to pick up produce to prepare a colorful plate of food.  It’s Christmas and the following cold weather months that comfort food screams my name, and tries to send me down the abyss of carbs and sugary no-return.  Not to mention when the winter lazies kick in, and I’d rather open a Costco frozen bag of something to heat up, plop on some rice, and call it dinner.

Once I wrap my mind around getting back on track and straightening things out, I become very conscious about making good choices. This week with Beth’s five-day clean eating challenge, I hope to get right back on track.

My motto is to try to eat well most of the time so I can enjoy less than healthy foods some of the time. In fact one of those times is coming up on April 6.  I will be serving hotdogs (possibly America’s most non-clean food) for dinner on the National’s opening day. I plan to get on track quickly so I can enjoy a guilt free hotdog!



  • Questions:
  • What is your favorite veggie?
  • What is your favorite grilled food?
  • Did you race this weekend?