I’ve always said that one of my long term goals is to run forever.  I’ve written that I want to be the cute little old lady pumping my fist as I mosey across the finish line.  Not that I’m in a rush to grow old; just thinking ahead…..

Which leads me to 95-year old Dr. Charles Eugster from Great Britain.  A retired dentist, he recently set a world record for his age group, 95 and older, in the 200 meter run.  He shattered the previous record by 2.4 seconds with his 55.48 run.

Since turning 87, Dr. Eugster has started competing in a variety of masters’ fitness events, including body building and running; and it doesn’t look like he’ll be retiring from his second career any time soon.


Here’s to many more years of racing, Dr. Eugster!


  • Questions:
  • At what age did you start running races?
  • Does longevity run in your family?
  • What would you like to be doing long term?