I’ve been on two Cruisers road trips with races as our main focus, but this weekend was my first MRTT road trip!  We had a blast, and I didn’t expect anything less. 

Six human runners and one paper runner packed into Angela’s minivan for a fun trip to Annapolis for the ZOOMA Half Marathon (more on the paper runner in a later post).  Other than heavy traffic, a road closure, a very confused Starbucks employee, and a laptop that decided to implode, all was well on our trip.


MaRTTy, the MRTT Flat Runner


MaRTTy and Erin


Jackie, MaRTTy, and Amanda


Once in Annapolis Erin got a quick picture of us with the ZOOMA OR BUST sign she made and was holding when we picked her up at her office.


Angela, Kathy, Amanda, Deb, and Jackie


We checked into our hotel and then scrambled upstairs to put our things away so we could get to the expo and pick up our race packets.  Our race packets were full of fun little surprises.  We each got a technical shirt, tote bag, journal, and a pair of Feetures socks. 


Once I’d taken care of race business, my next stop was to say hello and introduce myself as a Feetures Ambassador at the Feetures booth.  I got to meet Steve and he gave me a cute pink t-shirt and little tote bag. 


Steve and Deb


Next, I stopped by to say hello to Dimity McDowell of Another Mother Runner. Amanda, our friend Kim, and I met her in October 2013 when we went to hear her and Sarah Bowen Shea speak at their A Mother Runner Party in Maryland right after they wrote their second book.


Erin, Dimity, and Amanda


 After we toured the race expo we took off for dinner, but first a little birdie told told us he’d love for us to take a selfie with him, so we obliged!  These chickens (I thought they were sea birds) were on display all around Annapolis; each painted differently.  They were adorable, some more so than others!


A table was waiting when we arrived at Luna Blu for our dinner reservations.  We filed into our seats and immediately set about checking out the menu.  During dinner, conversation was pretty much all running related, because you know, we hadn’t had enough running conversation on the ride over.


Kathy, Deb, Jackie, MaRTTy, Erin, Angela, and Amanda


For dinner I ordered salmone con spinaci – grilled salmon, scallops and crab meat served over sautéed spinach and topped with a tiny bit of alfredo sauce and Parmesan cheese.  It was very good, but since it was protein heavy with very few carbs, I had a roll… and wine.  Wine has carbs, right?


Stay tuned tomorrow for my complete recap of the ZOOMA Half Marathon.  Some races are just too fun to recap in one post, especially when a road trip is involved!


  • Questions:
  • Have you ever been to Annapolis?
  • What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in a race bag?
  • Who raced this weekend?