Disclosure:  The Moji Foot Massager was supplied free of charge for me to try; however, all opinions in this review are my own.  

A couple of years ago I tested and wrote a review of the Moji 360 Massager, so recently when I was given the opportunity to test their new Moji Foot Massager, I jumped at the chance. 

My cute little foot massager arrived two days before Ragnar Trail WV, so I gave my feet a quick massage and then packed it with my other Ragnar items; thinking it would be fun to have my teammates give it a try as well.  Unfortunately, the mud was too much, and I didn’t want to ruin my Moji within the first 48-hours of owning it, so I didn’t even get it out of my bag!



The Moji Foot Massager is small and compact, and easily fits in my gym bag.  It has six rotating massage spheres that mean business!  At first I didn’t think I would like it, but quickly remembered that sometime it takes a little pain to work through injuries and make them feel better.   Quick facts about the Moji Foot Massager from the Moji Website:

  • Relieves foot pain
  • Revitalizes sore and tired feet
  • Slip-resistant base for more control
  • Great for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Easy to clean
  • Preferred use is with socks
  • Use it sitting down
  • Patent-pending
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in the USA



The flat bottom of the Moji Foot Massager has a spongy slip-resistant base so it doesn’t slip or roll away.


I’ve had chronic pain in my right foot at the metatarsal/phalangeal joint (base of my large toe) for a long time.  I think it is from years of wearing very high heels, and if I’m being honest, probably all of the pavement pounding hasn’t helped.  I’ve self-diagnosed it as arthritis, and possibly even hallux rigidus (I’m not a doctor, but play a doctor with some help from Google).  My chiropractor worked on my foot with Graston tools (boy, did that hurt), and recommended I continue to manually stretch and massage it.  Enter my new Moji! The Moji Foot Masager’s center sphere is slightly raised so it hits the bottom of the foot in a way none of my other foot massagers do.  It does some serious digging in the plantar fascia, and hurts so good.  Even thought I can use it on any part of my foot, I’ve been focusing more on my forefoot where I experience my pain.


To hit the top of my foot, I hold the foot massager in my hand and roll it gently over the top of my foot.  It hurt a lot at first, but has gotten more tolerable during the last few days.


What I liked most about the Moji Foot Massager:

  1. It’s compact and fits easily in my gym bag or handbag
  2. It’s easy to use
  3. The spheres rotate 360 degrees for circular massage
  4. The middle sphere is raised for higher intensity massage
  5. It’s slip-resistant bottom doesn’t let it get away from me
  6. I can use it standing or sitting, but really like that I can use it while standing
  7. I can use it on the top of my foot by holding it in my hand


What I didn’t like about the Moji Foot Massager:

  1. The spheres are very hard and at first I had trouble gauging how much pressure to use compared to my softer spongier foot massagers.  Once I mastered the massage technique, I loved it though!


So there you have it; the likes outweigh the dislikes 7 to 1, and I’ve already added it into my post-workout stretching and foam rolling routine.  Here’s to my foot feeling the best it’s felt in years!   If you like a chance to win your very own Moji Foot Massager, enter below!



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  • Questions:
  • Have you used a Moji Foot Massager?
  • Do you use any type of foot massager, lacrosse ball, etc?
  • Do you experience any chronic pain?  Is it running related?