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Independent – not dependent,
Not requiring or relying on others, showing a desire for freedom….

“She has an independent attitude toward life.”


My mom tells me that when I was really little I wanted my own space.  Unlike my brother, when it was bed time I wanted to go to my room and go to bed.  I’d have none of that silly cuddling stuff.  And while you’re at it, Mom and Dad, don’t tell me how to brush my teeth or which clothes to wear.  I can figure that out on my own, too.

Fast forward to right after I graduated from college.  I moved to a new town, started teaching, and found an apartment on my own. I skipped the roommate scene and lived alone until Bill and I got married two years later.  Poor Bill – I was used to doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and without any need to compromise…

That independent attitude has served me well and set me up for success in long distance running.  Heading out for a twenty-mile run alone isn’t for the faint of heart, and for my first couple of years of marathon training, I trained alone.

My goal was to run those twenty-milers in three hours.  That’s three hours of just me and my thoughts.  No music.  No conversation.  Just plenty of time to strategize on my next marathon.

Being independent allowed me to be comfortable running alone, to run when it was convenient for me and my family, and to run at my own pace. 

Come race day, my independence paid off as well.  From figuring out how I would get to the race, to making sure I had everything I needed for several hours, to not minding running alone even though alongside thousands of other runners. 

Running a marathon can be a long and lonely race, but I was always prepared.  I’d had years of being independent, and that made me a better marathoner.


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