Holy humidity, did we sweat at yesterday’s boot camp.  Keep in mind that we met at 5:30 AM before it got really hot.  It was 74° when we met, and we were soaking wet within minutes of starting our warm-up.


If you remember, when we showed up at a local high school last week, the track was locked for repairs, so this week we went to a middle school.  Most middle schools have shorter tracks so I stopped by yesterday to measure it.  It measured .17 miles on the inner loop, and six laps equaled 1.02 miles.  It wasn’t a particularly smooth track and it had almost square corners instead of curves, but it served a purpose.  Doing our floor exercises on the grass infield was a huge improvement over last week’s asphalt parking lot.

I designed this week’s workout with a one lap run between every two exercises.  When going through it one time, it should take about 45 minutes.  Last weeks’ workout had fewer exercises and was designed to be repeated two to three times.


As planned, it took us about 45 minutes to go through the workout.  Some of the ladies had to leave at that time, but the rest of us ran to the W&OD Trail for a little more fun. 

The current challenge for our MRTT chapter is #HillsForBreakfast, and these four ladies were willing to accompany me for a delicious set of two hills for dessert after our boot camp.


I am enjoying my mornings with these ladies, and I’m so glad I started this early morning boot camp!


  • Questions:
  • How’s the humidity where you live?
  • What time do you usually workout?
  • Do you ever workout at a track?