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Inspirational – causing people to want to do or create something : giving inspiration 
He was an inspirational speaker.
Her courage is inspirational.

~ Merriam-Webster


It takes little more than a quick look around me to find inspiration – from my husband working hard to rehab after his recent knee surgery, to my clients who stay focused and meet their goals, to runners in my running group running previously seemingly impossible distances for the first time…

For me, inspirational moments come from those who face a challenge and meet it head-on while not making excuses.  Like anyone else, I find inspiration in world class athletes, but more so in those who struggle, never give up, and make it happen. 

Inspirational opportunities also come when you least expect them.  Just yesterday morning, one of our MRTT members posted on our Facebook page that she had joined our early morning hill repeats for the first time, and loved it.  One of our chapter co-leaders asked if she had “any words of encouragement for others who might be feeling intimidated to join the hills runs.” 

Her response was perfect in encouraging other members to just get out there, and she reminded them that there’s lots of support from other members.  As she explained, she is coming back from an ankle injury and the hills are perfect, because runners can run as many or as few hills as they want, they don’t have to keep up with the group, and whether slow or fast, everyone keeps passing each other so runners are never alone.  I feel certain that she inspired others to consider joining us and she didn’t even realize it.

When looking to be inspired or being an inspiration, the running community is an amazing place to be – a place where you can share ideas, cause other runners to want to set similar goals, and then watch them reach for the stars to accomplish those goals. 


Who or what do you find inspirational?


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