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Tenacious – very determined to do something
~ Merriam-Webster



When I think of the word tenacious, I can’t help but think of my son Joseph as a two and a half month old infant.  It was amazing to watch this tiny little person work so hard to roll over.  He would position his arm over his head and kind of push off with his opposite foot, roll half way, and then flop back onto his back.  As hard as he tried he just didn’t have the strength to roll over to his tummy.  After a couple of days of trying, he nailed it!  This tenacious spirit has stayed with him and made him the successful young man that he is today.

Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

In June of 2006 Bill had spine surgery and was sidelined from running for quite some time.  He spent the summer in physical therapy and as soon as he was released to start walking longer distances, he did so with a passion.  While the Cruisers and I were out running, Bill walked – a few miles at first, and then all the way up to twelve miles.  He maintained his cardiovascular endurance as best he could, and as soon as he was able, he started running by gradually adding more miles until he was able to join us for our Saturday morning long runs. Since his injury he has gone on to complete four marathons, and joined Joseph for 26.5 miles of his 45-mile ultra on the W&OD Trail.

Two peas in a pod, both sharing that tenacious spirit.




In what ways are you tenacious?


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