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Deprivation – the state of not having something that people need;
the state of being deprived of something
~ Merriam-Webster



The first thing that comes to mind when I think of deprivation is sleep.  Having just come off of Ragnar DC, I know a thing or two about sleep deprivation.  Sadly sleep deprivation seems to be a way of life for me and something I’ve been working on improving since getting my Fitbit (affiliate link) this summer, and seeing just how little sleep I really get.

I went into Ragnar DC getting just over five hours sleep the night before we left, and only five hours sleep the night before that.  I then went from 5:15 AM on Friday until 11 PM Saturday getting only a 1.5 hour nap in the back of an uncomfortable van.  Talk about sleep deprivation…..

My problem is that I love to go to bed late and rise early.  I get it honestly, though – my dad was an early riser and my mom is a night owl.  I’d hate to have it the opposite way with going to bed early and sleeping late.  I’m afraid I’d miss out too much on life…..

In full disclosure though, I don’t think I need nearly as much sleep as the average person.  I seem to be able to function just fine if I can get around six hours of sleep per night with an occasional longer night.  I think seven hours of sleep per night – consistently – would be optimal for me.

Another way deprivation plays in my life is with my clients and their struggle to lose weight.  Too many don’t think of food as fuel, but as the enemy; and the only means to a perfect body; and therefore, happiness, is through food deprivation.


I work hard to help each person try to understand their relationship with food while reminding them that food is one of their basic needs.  Together we then focus on moderation instead of deprivation, and it’s a real struggle…..

What is it about deprivation that can be so powerful?  Do we feel that we don’t deserve those basic things our bodies need, and why do we allow things so basic to life to hold us hostage?  I suppose if I were to figure out the answers to these questions, I’d be very much in demand, and very rich.



How does deprivation play into your life?


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