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Perspective – the capacity to view things in their true relations
or relative importance
<trying to maintain my perspective>
~ Merriam-Webster



Keeping it all in perspective – easier said than done… 

As runners, we want to run.  And when an injury rears its ugly head, we ask our doctor one of two questions, “Can I run through the injury?” or “When can I run again?”

Let’s face it, runners like to be active, and we don’t like to sit around.  We equate a week or two of sleeping in and missing our early morning runs to punishment.

Several years ago I had a calf injury and needed to take a few weeks off from running.  When I asked the doctor when I’d be able to run again, noting that I was coaching and needed to run with my running group, he very sarcastically said, “I’m sure there are many athletes paid far more than you, who are sidelined and deal with it.” 

Alrighty then!  Obviously he just didn’t get it – at least not from my perspective. 

Years earlier, Bill had seen the same doctor (he’s part of a well-respected orthopedic surgery group and I had forgotten that Bill had seen him).  At thirty years of age, Bill twisted his ankle pretty badly in a basketball game, and the doctor told him that he was too old to be playing basketball or running.  Bill’s ankle healed and he continued to play basketball; and later ran sixteen marathons.  Take that, Dr. W!

From the doctor’s perspective, we were nothing more than weekend warriors wasting our time.  From our perspective, we were athletes continuing to do what we loved.



Mine is but a simple example of perspective; and not one where different points of view were a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  Age sprinkled with a little bit if wisdom has taught me to look at a situation from all angles, and not be so quick to judge…



When has your perspective been different than others?


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