Over the years I’ve seen my share of signs at races, and some are far more memorable than others.  Some, I captured with my camera, and others are burned into my brain – poster board color and all.  Luckily my two favorite signs were the simplest; and therefore, easiest to re-create since I didn’t want to slow down for a picture when I saw them. 


1.  Re-created from the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon

While running through Georgetown in the Marine Corps Marathon, I saw a guy holding this sign.  I laughed out loud and gave him a high five as I ran by.  This was before I started carrying my camera with me during races, so I didn’t get to capture a picture of the sign or clever sign-maker.  I have since seen the same thing written on other signs, but it’s never tickled me the same way as it did that day in Georgetown.


2.  Re-created from the 2013 Hokie Half Marathon

As my friends and I ran onto the parking lot of the New River Valley Mall during the early part of the Hokie Half Marathon, we saw someone holding the following sign.  I was already past it when it dawned on me that I should have taken a picture, but I chose not to turn back around.


3.  From the 2011 Richmond Marathon

This sign made me smile and since Bill and I were running the Richmond Marathon for fun, and not racing it, I stopped to take a picture.  I’ve since used this expression on a client or two – good-naturedly, of course.


4.   From the 2014 Loudoun Half Marathon

While running along a long, lonely section of the Loudoun Half Marathon, I came across this sign.  The high school girls working the water stop cracked up when I stopped to take a picture, smiled, and gave them a thumbs up.


5.  From the 2011 Richmond Marathon

Another sign at the Richmond Marathon that I felt worthy of snapping a picture of was this one. At that point in my final marathon, the police could have easily caught me!


I really appreciate it when spectators take the time to make signs and bring them to races to hold up for the runners to see!  These fun posters definitely distract me as I run by and bring a smile to my face.

The jury’s still out on whether they make me run faster, or slow down to take pictures.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter because I’m laughing, and it’s always good to laugh. 


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Obviously this week the DC Trifecta’s topic was Five Best Race Signs


  • Questions:
  • What’s the funniest or most inspirational race sign you’ve seen?
  • Have you ever made a sign to hold up during a race?
  • Are you racing this weekend?