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Celebrate – to do something special or enjoyable
for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc

~ Merriam-Webster


No doubt about it, there’s much to be celebrated between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Whether you’re deeply religious, enjoying the holidays from a strictly commercial standpoint, or somewhere in between, you’re likely to be busy…

  • Devouring roasted turkey with family on Thanksgiving Day
  • Muddling through office holiday parties with coworkers
  • Singing Christmas carols joyfully, even if off key
  • Attending Christmas Eve church services
  • Watching loved ones unwrap gifts in mad chaos
  • Cheering on your favorite college football teams during the multitude of bowl games 
  • Sipping Champagne while ringing in the New Year 


But what about the rest of the year? Do we celebrate everyday moments? Do we celebrate our accomplishments, no mater how big or small? Do we celebrate our family and friends?

Some big enough to deserve a special meal or party, and some so small they may have just been celebrated with a smile, a hug, or an acknowledgement, these are a few of the things I celebrated this past year…

  • Recovering from an injury that took me off the trails for five weeks
  • My 100th race 
  • Birthdays of my family members
  • A new puppy next door 
  • New jobs and MBA school acceptance for my sons and daughter-in-law
  • Being married to a really cool guy for 34 years
  • One year of having a new extended family
  • Running with Daniel at his first half marathon
  • Visiting Chicago for the first time
  • Having Joseph and Julie home for Thanksiving
  • PR’s of many of my running friends
  • New distances conquered for many of my running friends


Yes, it’s important to make time to celebrate your accomplishments, no mater how big or small.


What are you celebrating this season, or all year long?


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