I felt like my entire week was a lead-up to the “blizzard of historic proportions” that was headed our way. I don’t remember when it first entered my radar, but from that moment on, I was in storm prep mode. Monday’s trip to Costco and two times to the grocery store was to restock the refrigerator and pantry from me being sick last week and getting very little done; however, subsequent trips were to make sure we had plenty of food and drink for riding out the storm.

  • Total trips to Costco: 1
  • Total trips to the grocery store: 4
  • Total trips to the ABC store: 2

Determined to get my butt moving after so little cardio last week, I rode my spin bike three days.


Since most of my pictures are of me riding hard, I thought I should share how I also spend a lot of my time while on the bike – reading.


On Wednesday evening, some of my good friends from my old Worldgate days and I met in Reston Town Center for dinner. We forgot to take a picture during dinner, so Craig and I captured this picture on our walk back to his truck. It started snowing during dinner, and our walk back to the parking garage was lovely. The drive home wasn’t so lovely since the roads had not been treated at all, and were quite slippery. We made it home safely and I was super grateful to Craig for the ride.


Thursday evening I met two of my non-running girlfriends for my birthday dinner. It’s obvious that I like to spread my birthday celebrations out! November and December were so crazy that we couldn’t find a good night for all three of us, so I suggested moving my dinner into January. We met at Uncle Julio’s for fajitas and margaritas. They were delicious, but alas, no pictures.

By Thursday morning the winter storm models were starting to take shape. Being a huge weather geek, I was in heaven. There’s a Facebook page that I follow which concentrates on our county as opposed to the general DC area, and the guy who runs the page is a big time snow lover. He runs different models and shares his thoughts on which is mostly likely to be the most accurate one. He was pretty spot on with this storm, which was named Jonas.


Thursday morning I hit the trails. Most of the snow from the dusting the night before had melted except for on the grassy areas. I was feeling pretty cool with my race expo gloves and Feetures socks matching the trim on my jacket. Even though the sky looked like snow, the sun eventually came out for a little while.


With all local schools canceled on Friday in anticipation of the noon’ish arrival of the blizzard, Erin and I had to move our long run from later in the morning to 6 AM so she could get home before her husband left for work. I was able to juggle my clients around without any problems, and we met for our first run together in ages.

It was dark when we started our run, but when we turned for our return home we were pleasantly surprised by a gorgeous sunrise. As the little poem goes…

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.
Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

We paused long enough for some fun pictures of us running and jumping. I’d left my GoPro in the car since it was dark when we started, so Erin took the pictures with her iPhone.


Between clients, I did some prep work for the storm. Afraid that this garden flag was placed where the wind would blow the snow away, I tried to move it to a better place. The ground was frozen so hard that I couldn’t get it to stick in a new spot so I had to keep it in its original location.


While training my last client of the afternoon, it started snowing and I think she thought that I was nuts for how excited I got.

Once the snow accumulated to over an inch, I headed out for an easy one-mile-run with my GoPro. I posted this picture to Instagram and tagged my favorite local running store, Potomac River Running. I won the first day of their Snowzilla photo contest – a free entry into the Run Your Heart Out 5K on Valentine’s Day!


Later Friday evening I took another picture of my little garden flag. So far, so good, but the wind hadn’t started howling yet…


Yesterday morning we woke up to about ten more inches of snow on top of what we’d gotten the evening before. We had shoveled parts of our driveway and our next door neighbor had snow blown the rest around 9 PM on Friday evening. The wind was blowing the snow around so much that it made staying outside pretty miserable.


After an afternoon nap for me and biking for Bill, we settled down to binge watch about half of the second season of Mad Men on Netflix. I have to keep asking myself if people really drank, smoked, and had sex with their work associates that much in the 60’s. I’m sure it’s quite glamorized for the show, but…

Just before heading to bed we took our final picture of the evening. Our measuring stick shows 32 inches, but I heard on the news that our community got 34 inches and some areas just west of us got up to 40 inches of snow. This snow storm measured the second highest amount on record at Dulles International Airport.


This morning we woke to a beautiful sunny sky and glaring snow, and I will never question the severity of snow blindness. 😎

As I expected, the wind blew the snow into a drift just past the little garden flag, so I took a wider angle picture for my final shot. Had I put the flag in an area where there was no drifting, the entire flag and holder would have been covered.


And speaking of being covered, my SUV was under this mound of snow when we woke up!


Before heading out to shovel, I took some pictures of our back yard – here looking north…


And here looking northwest…


Our neighbor took this picture of our cul-de-sac this morning before any of us started shoveling our driveways. I think it shows the sheer depth of our storm better than any of the other pictures.


Before breakfast, Bill and I headed out to tackle our driveway and walkway. Our next-door neighbors let us borrow their snowblower and dog. Stella loves playing in the snow, and I’m sure she’s taking a long and well deserved nap after helping clear three driveways today!


Both our county and the Commonwealth of Virginia are under a state of emergency, and I just learned that the National Guard was deployed last night to survey the two main parkways that go through our community. Gasoline shortages have prohibited VDOT and local contractors from being able to properly plow even the main roads, and those main roads are barely passable in 4-wheel drive vehicles. An email from our community association said that they would try to have all streets passable in the next 24 hours and open in 72 hours. It’s a good thing I made so many trips to the store!


Weekly Recap:

  • Weights: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Runs: Thursday – 6.2 miles, Friday – 7 miles, Friday – 1 mile (Total: 14.2 miles)
  • Walks: None
  • Bike: Monday – 12 miles, Tuesday – 20, and Wednesday – 12 miles (Total: 44 miles)
  • Stretching: Daily
  • Average Steps Per Day: 12,018
  • Average Hours Sleep Per Night: 7:15


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Have a great week!

  • Questions:
  • Were you hit by Winter Storm Jonas?
  • Have you ever done a Netflix marathon? If so, which show?
  • Did you race this weekend?