I’m downright giddy with excitement! Just when I thought I was ready to retire from the whole Ragnar van thing, I’ve signed up to run with yet another team!

Keep in mind that there are two types of Ragnar Relays. In one type you sit on your butt in a van anytime you’re not running, and in the other type you stand around in ankle-deep mud anytime you’re not running in shin-deep mud. I kid – sort of…

I’ve run three Ragnar Relays to date, and loved each one for its own unique experience and wide assortment of friends making it fun. I ran my first Ragnar DC with the Cruisers (recap here), my second Ragnar Trail Appalachians with my MRTT friends (recap here), and my last Ragnar DC with my MRTT friends (recap here). Out of six days of Ragnaring, I experienced one delightfully sunny day and five rainy days.

I’m currently signed up to run Ragnar Trail Richmond on an ultra team (twice the running, twice the fun) later this month. I’m holding out hope that the weather gods will be with us and give us near-perfect spring weather! One can dream… 


Back to retiring from running another Ragnar Relay that requires sitting in a van… I’ve mentioned on occasion that my body doesn’t like to sit for long periods of time, especially in a car seat. I thought it best if I stopped participating in these races since we really do sit a lot – especially when it’s raining non-stop.

You are safe to assume that it would take something really big to make me giddy about joining another team where I know I’ll have to sit for about 32 hours while we travel 200 miles, taking turns running along the way.


So what makes this Ragnar so enticing? So impossible to turn down? So epic? I’ll give you five reasons…

1. My son Daniel and his girlfriend Jess want to run their first Ragnar DC, and they asked me to be on their team! Reason enough, right there!

2. Our team name is We Thought You Said Rum.

3. My husband Bill is going to be our van driver. He was on my 2014 Ragnar DC team, so he knows the ropes!   

4. The running gods have promised me that there is a 50% chance that there will be sunshine!

5. Did I mention that I’m going to be running with my son?  


We have four spots available on our team. Who wants to join us for some rum and run ?


  • Questions:
  • Have you run a Ragnar or similar relay?
  • If you could choose any five other runners to join you, who would be your vanmates? 🙂
  • Are you racing this weekend?


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