A week ago I visited my mom, and while there I went on two runs along some sparsely traveled country roads. My first run was shortly after sunrise on a glorious spring morning, and during the second run I rushed to beat the looming storm. Both runs had plenty of clouds for my backdrop – just very different looking.

I had intended to share these pictures before I left my mom’s house, but the Internet was painfully slow my last two days there. As a result, I’ve saved this treat for today, and I hope you enjoy the views as much as I did. 

On Tuesday, I stayed mostly on this gravel road for one-mile repeats. After a one-mile easy warm-up at a 10:53 pace, I ran three one-mile intervals at 7:59, 9:11, and 7:41 paces. Between each interval, I treated myself to a one-minute recovery walk. I finished up my workout with a one-mile cool-down run at a very comfortable 10:23 pace.


The clouds looked almost fake against the brilliant blue sky!



I didn’t climb this hill on Tuesday, but took a picture as a ran by on my cool-down. Thursday was a different story, and you’ll see this daunting hill again shortly.


I ran past the spring house that I mentioned in my post Topping Off Fueling With Trailside Snacks as I wrapped up my cool-down.



Back closer to where I grew up, I placed my GoPro (affiliate link) on the road to take a few of my signature running shots. I don’t know what’s going on with my knee, and why it looks like a little old man’s face. Do you see his nose and mustache/mouth?


I slept in a little later on Thursday, but made sure I allowed plenty of time to get out and back before the storms hit. When the wind whipped up suddenly and ferociously, I questioned my judgement in heading out for my run later than usual, but managed to finish up before the heavy rains hit. 

Thursday’s run called for an eight-mile tempo run with the first and last miles at comfortable warm-up and cool-down paces, and the six tempo miles at around an 8:30 pace. Normally, I pick a relatively flat trail for my tempo runs, but when in southwestern Virginia, that’s not always so easy!

I hit this hill a half mile into my warm-up, yet somehow managed to pull off a 10:28 pace without feeling like I was pushing too hard. Notice the tree line along the road, and how the road continues to go up and up! Throughout my extremely hilly six tempo miles, I managed 9:24, 9:22, 12:29, 8:54, 9:30, and 11:16 splits. On my one-mile cool-down (which included a half-mile back down this hill), I maintained a 10:35 pace.


One of the things I love about my runs along these beautiful country roads is seeing cows along the way…


Even when they don’t think I can see them!




Until next time, cows!


  • Questions:
  • Do you love cows as much as I do? If not, what farm animal is your favorite?
  • Where’s your favorite place to run: city, country, suburbia? 
  • What’s your favorite season? ~ I think fall is the most beautiful, but love that spring is full of new beginnings! Happy spring!


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