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Encourage – to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope;
to attempt to persuade

~ Merriam-Webster


I think we’re born to encourage. When you look at the some of the synonyms for the word encourage, you see words that are common in the actions of a toddler. They do these things naturally, not for show, not because they think they’re supposed to, but because encouraging others makes them happy. 



I have found runners to be the same way. Runners are absolutely amazing when it comes to encouraging their fellow runners. As a member of our 965-member-strong MRTT chapter, I am overwhelmed at times watching the encouragement spread among our chapter members.

When a new member posts a question about finding a new training plan, several favorites are posted to her attention in no time. When another member posts a picture of her new baby in its running stroller, comments come in immediately with offers to run/walk with her as she builds back up to her pre-pregnancy strength. When someone posts about needing to find a sports doctor for a nagging injury, not only are names of doctors sent her way, but also words of concern and encouragement. 

In this crazy world we live in, it really is rewarding to see so much encouragement and such a genuine desire to see our fellow humans do well. I encourage you to share the runner’s love, by practicing any or all of the following methods of encouragement: 


  • Offer up recommendations of your trusted physical therapist or chiropractor to your injured friends
  • Send words of encouragement to disheartened friends who might be having a rough patch with their running
  • Congratulate on PR’s and age group wins
  • Remind others of their strengths when they’re having an off day
  • Welcome new runners into your fold
  • Make posters for races to encourage complete strangers
  • Notice and comment on new distances accomplished
  • Smile and say,”Good job” or “Good morning” when meeting another runner on the trail
  • Give high fives to runners going by if you’re stopped to hydrate or refuel
  • Compliment others on their good running form


Follow your heart! If you would like to be acknowledged, guided, or encouraged in certain aspects of your running, chances are your fellow runners would, too!


When do you find you’re most likely to hand out encouragement, or need encouragement?


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