My regular readers know that I’m a pretty positive person, but sometimes a girl has got to vent and today I’m dumping on Ragnar’s unisex versus women’s cut race shirts harebrained decision…

I just tried on my Ragnar Trail Richmond shirt, and I am not happy. Ragnar switched our shirts from men’s/women’s sizing to unisex shirts; so now the neckline is too high, the sleeves are too long, and there’s no waistline. Basically it’s a dumpy shirt for a female, and I expected more out of Ragnar.  


It’s such a shame, too, because I will never wear this shirt; therefore, giving zero out-and-about advertising to Ragnar. And as much as I love both Ragnar Relay and Ragnar Trail, I hate that I won’t have 2016 shirts to enjoy (I love my Ragnar women’s cut shirts from previous years and wear them all the time).

On May 4th Ragnar sent this email to the Ragnar DC participants giving us two days to respond:

We can’t wait to see you at Reebok Ragnar Washington D.C.! There’s just one thing we could use your help with before race day. When you registered, you gave us your preferred shirt size. Since then, we’ve decided to provide unisex shirts. Why? Well, we sent out a survey, and most runners indicated that they would prefer unisex sizing. We like happy runners, so we made the switch! We know we can’t please everyone, so we apologize if you didn’t vote for unisex sizing.

Because the size you gave us upon registration was not based on unisex sizing, we made an update to your size based on how the old shirts compared to the unisex sizing. We currently have you as a size (Unisex Small).

So here’s my question to Ragnar, “What do you mean, you can’t please everyone?” Yes, you can. Just allow those women who want unisex shirts to order the men’s shirts and allow women the continued option to order women’s shirts. I could be wrong, but I bet this decision was 100% financially based, and Ragnar just wants it to “appear” that they’re trying their best to make their runners happy.

Considering I registered my Ragnar DC team for this fall to the tune of $1,454.32, I would have expected the option of getting a shirt that fits me.


  • Questions:
  • Female runners – do you prefer unisex or women’s fit race shirts?
  • What is your all-time favorite race shirt?
  • Local runners, when running a PRR race do you opt for the race shirt or opt out and take the $10 gift card?