You might have seen this earlier this week on my Personal Fit Fitness Facebook, but if you didn’t, it’s a fun look at what a Ragnar Relay is really like. A special shout out and thanks goes to my husband Bill for all of the hard work he did pulling this video together and to my teammates who recorded many runs, exchanges, and other fun moments during our two-day relay. 


I truly didn’t intend to drag out Ragnar DC so long, but with so many pictures to edit and fun to share, it took me into this past week to finish up recaps Part 3 and Part 4. With those two final recaps and the video, I can put Ragnar to bed… until I decide to run another one!

My one and only run of the week was with my MRTT friends yesterday morning. We started at 6 AM in complete rainy darkness. The temperature was around 64° with a light drizzle which made for pretty delightful running conditions. At some point it started raining harder, but then slacked off a bit. We kept seeing bunnies and frogs getting caught in our headlamps hopping across the trail in front of us, so we started counting and ended up with:

  • Four bunnies
  • Four frogs
  • One possum
  • One deer
  • One large tree branch
  • And zero dead bodies (inside joke)

Since it was so dark when we started running I didn’t even bother taking my GoPro on our run, but had my phone in a Ziplock bag inside my water-resistant (I’m not taking any chances) SPIbelt (affiliate link) and took a picture of our shoes after two of us finished our run. My Ziplock bag photo-bombed the picture!


With eight miles under my belt, I pulled off the trail and headed back to my car, sending the other five friends on to finish their thirteen-mile run. Just before it started raining really hard again, I managed to capture this picture. It’s not the best, but like I’ve mentioned before, the GoPro doesn’t take the best pictures in low light. Tomorrow, the new GoPro Hero5 (affiliate link) comes out and it’s supposed to do much better in low light than the old Hero4 (affiliate link) that I own. At some point we’ll upgrade, but until then I’ll enjoy the great quality pictures my camera takes and focus on taking pictures when the sun is shining!


With two easy weeks since Ragnar, I think I’m ready to resume a more normal running schedule this coming week… 



Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Do you like running in the rain?
  • How much time do you usually take off after a big race? 
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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