Welcome to the first edition of Race Linkup, a monthly linkup opening on the last Monday of every month and staying open for four weeks. Link your race schedule so everyone can see who else will be at the next race and we can arrange meet-ups with other bloggers and our readers. You can link up your race schedule every month or only when you register for an additional race – you choose how often you want to get your schedule out there for other runners to see. I’d love to have you link up, and if you do, please remember to follow my six simple rules.


First of all, I realize that this isn’t the last Monday of the month, but we are sneaking this Race Linkup in to make up for me not having my new linkup details worked out until Tuesday evening. In fact, I’d just barely come up with the idea for this linkup on the last Monday of December. The idea just popped in my head last week when I read a comment on someone’s blog where the reader was bummed that she hadn’t known that the blogger would be running in a race on the previous weekend. She lamented that she wish she’d known so they could have met each other. 

With the idea in my head, I did the necessary behind-the-scenes work to create the linkup and the rest, as they say, is history! I’m hopeful that I won’t need to make too many changes along the way, but if I think of ways to make our linkups more organized by region, etc., I’ll certainly try to figure out a way to add that. Likewise, if you have any great insights, please let me know.

I haven’t spent a lot of time working on the front end of my racing schedule, but that’s nothing new. I tend to sit back and see who else is running in which winter race and then sign up accordingly. Of course when I see other friends’ schedules in this linkup, FOMO will kick in and I’ll probably start registering for races like crazy. 😉

In the later part of the year I tend to run the same races every year. This year I’m hoping to add the Army Ten Miler; however, I’ll have to wait until the Virginia Tech football schedule comes out before I can commit.


Here’s my race schedule so far and as you probably know if you’ve read my blog for a while, I live in Northern Virginia so the races on my calendar so far are in that area..

July 4 – Firecracker 5K – Reston Town Center, Reston, VA
August 20 – Leesburg 20K – Market Station, Leesburg, VA
October 8 – Army Ten Miler – Pentagon, Arlington, VA
November 23 – Thanksgiving Day 5K – Crossroads United Methodist Church, Ashburn, VA
December 10 – NOVA Jingle Bell 5K – Clyde’s at Willow Creek, Broadlands, VA (date and location not confirmed) 


  • Questions:
  • Do you tend to run the same races year after year or mix it up?
  • Do you sign up for races months in advance or at the last minute?
  • Do you like running in first time races or do you prefer to let them work out their kinks before registering?