On Sunday when I recapped my week, I didn’t take the time to mention any of my super fun and sometimes goofy runs from the past week; instead choosing to talk about the Real Runners Virtual Summit coming up in February of which I’m a part. I think the following quote from my interview for the summit best sums up my weekly runs.


On Saturday, I met Erin, Laura, and Jen for an unorthodox run, mostly on sidewalks along the streets and parkways of our community. Had there been the need for an emergency potty break I would have been SOL – literally – as we made a giant loop covering 8.5 miles on our wide open, treeless running route. I rarely get to run with Laura or Jen so I was thrilled to hear that they were running and jumped at the chance to join them.

There was a lot of laughing throughout the run, but the most came when we stood at this crosswalk waiting for the walk signal to come on, only to realize that the signals were covered and not yet functioning. I wasn’t wearing my contacts or glasses so I didn’t even notice the black bag covering the signal from across four lanes of highway until one of the girls pointed it out and I turned to look at the signal behind me on our side of the street.  


Later in our run, we ran past Burger 21 and for the rest of the day I couldn’t get burgers out of my mind…


… so this happened after Saturday evening Mass. There might even be a chocolate shake just out of the picture frame that I shared with my husband!


Thursday was another party on the trail when I had the pleasure of meeting four of my running friends for our 5:30 AM run. Afterward we all carefully turned on our watches for a post-race picture, but most turned off by the time I snapped the shutter. If you look closely on my pink Garmin above my veiny hand, you can barely see that we ran an 8:24 pace for our 5 miles. 


Frequent skunk sightings on the trail are helping speed us up! Yep, you read that correctly. Frequent. Skunk. Sightings. On Thursday’s run we watched a skunk cross the trail in the distance so we slowed our pace until he got completely out of our way and then we sped up, leaving him in our dust – a much less odoriferous dust than he would have left for us. Later during our run, we glanced over to see another skunk’s tail pointing toward us as he dug for food; fortunately, oblivious to us running pass him just steps away. Don’t they realize they’re supposed to be hibernating this time of year?


  • Questions:
  • Do you have running friends who make you laugh your entire run?
  • Have you ever gotten a certain food on your mind during a run and then had to have it later that day?
  • Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk or been too close for comfort with a skunk?