It had a purpose for thirteen long years,
Safely transporting runner friends
To races far and near.
It wasn’t a Lexus, it wasn’t a Benz,
It was simply the Cruisermobile.

Last Jump With The Cruisermobile

 Comfortable with its captains chairs
And heated leather seats,
Friends could ride to races without any cares.
To road races we’d go; never track meets,
In our well loved Cruisermobile.

It may have been worn, but it had a purpose,
A job it took on with a passion.
It considered its gig to be a great service
As it escorted marathoners in fashion.
Three cheers for the Cruisermobile!

It’s age was old, it’s issues were countless,
But fit like a comfy old sock.
The thought of selling it continued to confound us,
Sell it we must, or else we might walk.
No more depending on the Cruisermobile…

Those rides are behind us in such a great beast,
You see we sold it at last. 
And now our car problems should cease, 
But what did we replace it with you might ask? 
A smaller Cruisermobile!


  • Questions:
  • Are you a sedan, van, or SUV type?
  • Do you ever carpool to races with friends?
  • How many miles does your vehicle have on it? ~ The Cruisermobile had 150,000 miles on it at 13 years old.