Monday night’s beautiful sunset had nothing to do with my workouts, but was too beautiful to ignore. Beautiful sunsets also seemed to became the theme for the week…


Tuesday morning when I met my friend Lupe for a run I knew that I wanted to push a little harder to see what my legs could do and how my back would react… It seemed like just days earlier that Lupe and I had pushed the pace on our training runs, pulling ahead and easily hitting paces in the 8:20’s. In reality though, that was in early February and I’ve struggled to hit paces within two minutes of that since another nagging back injury temporarily sidelined me. With Lupe pushing the pace just the right amount, we finished our five miles with a 9:37 pace and I was quite pleased.

Later in the afternoon I took a little walk to check out one of our trails. I’d first noticed the work being done a couple of months ago and wondered how it was coming along. Those are golfball to baseball sized rocks and not conducive for running or biking. It will be really nice when it’s finished and that part of the trail no longer floods when it rains.


Wednesday evening Bill and I went on a quick 15-mile bike ride where he kicked my behind! We paused long enough to take this picture before turning to get home before the sun set. I was pushed to ride faster than I have been when riding alone and as soon as I got home I showered and collapsed into bed shortly thereafter!


With many of my clients on spring break, I took advantage of my newfound time and unloaded my overflowing basement closets so I could add a layer of fresh paint, something that was well overdue. Nine hours later I finally finished, again wiped out and ready to collapse a second night in a row.


Yesterday morning, the Cruisers and I met for our annual Easter Bunny Hop, and like always, had a great time! I love that we’re starting to foster our next generation of Cruisers!


And just because my son and I love monkeys, I couldn’t resist putting this giggling, candy-pooping monkey in my son’s Easter basket!


And to offset the silly monkey, aren’t these tulips lovely? My dear friend brought the pink ones when she and her husband came for Easter lunch. Bill and I were thrilled to share the joyous day with our son Daniel, his girlfriend Jess (remember Daniel and Jess from Ragnar DC?), and dear friends we’ve know for years.


On the blog this week, I’ll have a little fun with the Boston Marathon tomorrow and I promise to talk about ways to survive your long runs (something I promised last week but didn’t carry out). Also, I’m hoping to wrap up another fun little post I hinted at… Hopefully, this week will be less chaotic than last and I can get it all done. 

As I mentioned, Deb Runs was rather quiet this week until yesterday I wrote about our fun and traditional Easter Saturday run, Promise Food, And They Will Come – Cruisers’ Easter Bunny Hop, and earlier today I posted Ten Years Later And Hokie Nation Is Stronger Than Ever, a tribute to my beloved alma mater.

Back to my workouts, overall it was a pretty good week and here’s how my Easter week workouts went down…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Do you think a candy pooping monkey is taking things too far? 
  • Do you enjoy painting?
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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