Today’s Boston Marathon tribute post is scheduled to publish long after the men’s and women’s winners have crossed the finish line. Instead, as a salute to the everyday runners who were lucky enough to pull out a BQ and will cross the Boston Marathon finish line one, two, and even three hours after the elites, this will post at 2 PM. It will post after the elites have conducted their interviews, left the athlete’s village, and returned to their hotel rooms to shower… After the television announcers have left their posts and returned to their TV stations… And after sports enthusiasts have Googled to see who won the Boston Marathon and then moved on see what the standings are in the Stanley Cup playoffs…

I’ve had fun in April during my four years of blogging as I’ve written about the Boston Marathon with most of my posts occurring during my first year. I’ve shared personal experiences, grieved over the cowardly bombing, and even created fun little quizzes…


Go ahead, take my quiz from 2013 and see how well you perform, but don’t scroll down too quickly because the answers are on the next poster.


So how did you do? Don’t worry if you didn’t do too well, I would probably only get about a 50% if I hadn’t done a little research while writing out the quiz. 😉 Please note that since I created this little quiz in 2013, Bizunesh Deba of Ethiopia broke the women’s course record in 2014 with a time of 2:19:59. 🙂


If you ran Boston today, I hope you had a wonderful time! If you watched from home or along the course route, I hope you were inspired by the everyday athletes who were fulfilling a dream. They deserve the same fanfare as the elites!


  • Questions:
  • Did you watch any of today’s Boston Marathon?
  • Do you enjoy running the marathon distance, or do you prefer shorter or longer distances?
  • Do you have a favorite runner?