Having neglected my yoga during the last couple of weeks, I decided to carve out a little more time for it this past week. There’s only so much time in the day and recently yoga has been what I sacrificed to get everything else done. My poses are mostly pretty basic, but for some odd reason I’ve always been able to do crow pose. Long before I knew that it was called crow pose, by brother and I hung out in this position as little kids. My form may not be perfect, but I can feel my muscles working hard and my balance improving as I work to hold this pose. 


My running week started with a cool and crisp 64° early morning five-mile run on Tuesday. It was one of those rare June treats in Virginia where the heat and humidity vanished briefly and I was happy to get out and take advantage of such great running weather!


Thursday’s run was more typical of summers in Virginia and I finished looking like a drowned rat. Since my 7:30 AM client had canceled her session the night before, I had a little extra time after my run and didn’t have to go into my first session smelling like a pig.

After a long Friday filled with lifting weights, client sessions, teaching my balance and stretching class, running errands, grocery shopping, cooking, and setting up for a barbecue we were hosting Saturday afternoon, I plopped into bed completely exhausted.  Before going to sleep, though, I noticed that two of my friends were meeting later (at 6:30) on Saturday morning and wondered if anyone wanted to join them. I let them know that I might be joining them; however, after hitting snooze a few times I didn’t get up until 6:11. Once up, I texted to let them know not to wait for me, but that I would see them at some point after their turnaround. 

I was delighted as I stepped outside and couldn’t believe that the majority of the heat and humidity from Friday had been pushed out overnight and a cool crisp breeze greeted me. Rather than driving over, I ran to the W&OD Trail and headed west in the direction they told me they would be running. Just after hitting three miles, I saw my friends heading toward me and turned to join them.


As soon as we saw each other Amanda and I complimented each other on our excellent taste in running tops. 😉  The girls laughed as I started opening up my selfie stick as we approached the bridge because they knew that I love taking pictures on the bridge. It was great chatting with friends while running, something I haven’t done in a while. I had company for the remainder of my five miles – not a bad way to pump out an eight-mile run.    


Once home I had breakfast, showered, put the finishing touched on setting up for our barbecue, and by 1 PM when guests started arriving we were ready. We had a great afternoon relaxing with family and friends celebrating our son Joseph’s graduation from Chicago Booth, and his and Julie’s new jobs which are taking them to New Jersey. 

Looking ahead to this week, tomorrow I’ll post my June Race Linkup. Please feel free to join me and let your friends know which races they can find you at this racing season! Also, I plan to join Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice for her monthly Runfessions linkup on Friday.

In case you missed it, on Tuesday I wrote Expanding Beyond Just Personal Training And Coaching and on Wednesday I shared tips for taking quality running pictures in Six Camera Angles For Taking Interesting Running Photos.

And since I mostly talked about running in this week’s recap (per usual), here’s a more detailed look at how my workouts week went down…



Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • Do you have any unusual skills you’re good at doing? 
  • How’s your weather been? Any breaks from the usual summer heat? 
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!


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