Porta potties…
They can be gross and they can be stinky, but when you’re out on a run and nature calls, seeing one in the horizon can be the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen. 
A beautiful sight as long as they’re relatively clean…


Today we’re going to talk about being a good steward of the porta potties we’ve come to depend upon when we’re out on the running trail.

Tip #1:  Treat the porta potty as if it’s your own. I’m not suggesting that you to scrub the floor or pick up someone else’s trash, but leave it in at least as good of a condition when you leave as you when you found it. 

Tip #2:  If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and first put up the seat. Even though I’m a hoverer when using a porta potty, it’s still disturbing to see sprinkles all over the seat when I walk in. Additionally, if you hover when you do number 2, please position yourself so you’re aiming for the toilet bowl, not the area where the seat hinges are located.


Tip #3:  Do not steal the toilet paper or leave it where it can fall into the toilet or roll on the dirty floor. Someone using the porta potty after you might need it. Really, they might.

Tip #4: Don’t put fuel wrappers or Gatorade bottles or similar items in the toilet. The bowl fills up quickly enough without adding extra crap (pun intended).

Tip #5:  Use the hand sanitizer before leaving so you don’t leave your germs on the door handle. If there’s no sanitizer, use the back of your hand to flip the lock and push the door open.


Tip #6:  If you see any serious problems with the condition of the porta potty, call the company that owns it and let them know that it needs attention. Most porta potties have a phone number on the side.

If we all work together, everyone’s porta potty experience will be a more pleasant one! πŸ˜‰


  • Questions:
  • Does your running trail have porta potties?
  • Have you ever been the very first person to use a porta potty after it was cleaned? ~ It’s the best!
  • Have you ever seen a porta potty filled to the brim? ~ Sadly, I did at Ragnar Trail Appalachians at around 8 AM on day two…