I’m not positive, but I think those jump shot pictures I love taking could be causing me to injure myself…

I’ll start from the beginning. Late last summer I had a situation occur where the area around my SI joint flared up into a three-day painful mess, only to go away almost as quickly as it started. Last Sunday, I had the same pain, which again, went away in under three days. While trying to think of a common denominator that might have caused the two similar injuries, I realized that I’d taken a jump shot prior to both painful blowups.

In late August I took this picture after my morning run, and by mid-day I was starting to experience pain. At the time while trying to determine what caused my pain, I concluded that it was the perfect storm of running on the soft uneven sand, vacuuming before we closed up the beach house, and then sitting for six hours on the ride home. It wasn’t until days later that I wondered if arching my back or landing hard in the jumping picture might have played a role in my injury.


In early January, my friends and I did a jump shot after our run and I remembered to not arch my back and twist my body, instead doing a jumping jack style jump. Fortunately, my rather boring looking jump resulted in no subsequent pain.


A couple of Saturdays ago, though, I wasn’t so smart and took the opportunity to take this jumpie (jump + selfie = jumpie, LOL) when I saw a tree that had blown across the running trail during our weekend wind storm. By Sunday night, I had a familiar pain in my right SI joint area, a pain that woke me up every time I tried to turn over in bed.


I’m sure that the sheer excitement of the opportunity for a perfect jump shot with my friends will one day cause temporary amnesia and I will once again participate in a jumpie. Whether it’s the result of peer pressure or forgetfulness, I doubt you’ve seen the last of my jumping.

If you like to check out my tips for taking the perfect jump shot, just click on the blue link.


  • Questions:
  • Do you take jumping pictures?
  • If so, why? ~ I think jumping pictures just look fun. Who doesn’t like to jump for joy? Well, perhaps I shouldn’t… 
  • What fun alternative pictures could I take?