~ Runfessions ~
A collection of statements admitting
that one is guilty of a variety of running crimes…


It’s time again to join in on the fun and clear my conscious of recent running, biking, fitness, and nutrition related faux pas. I know I’ll feel better when I’m done!


I runfess:  I have been negligent in my runfessions. Don’t think I’m perfect and have had nothing to runfess since February, it’s just that I’m forgetful and/or not clever enough to share some of my recent mishaps in an entertaining enough way.


I runfess:  While on vacation in June, I ran my race, but didn’t run again for ten days (I hiked a lot and ran little tangents here and there). After my break, I ran three times and needed another ten days to fully recover. I runfess that I’m getting old and don’t recover nearly as quickly as in years past…


I runfess:  I’ve eaten more junk this week than anytime in recent history. I don’t keep candy around – M&M’s and Mounds are the only candy that really temps me. Knowing they’re my favorites, my mom has both in stock and the struggle is real to stay away from the tempting treats during the 4 PM feed-me-all-the-snacks bewitching hour.


I runfess:  I still haven’t made anything from my Run Fast. Eat Slow (affiliate link) cookbook by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky; and I’m going to keep runfessing this until I embarrass myself to the point of making something… anything! One of the runners in my MRTT chapter just posted that she’d made the pecan butter truffles and that they’re amazing. Perhaps I can continue to enable my sweet tooth by making these when I get home.


I runfess:  Well, actually a good friend texted this to me to share:  “I runfess that I had to go so badly after yesterday’s half that when I discovered no toilet paper in the portopot at the end of the race, I stayed in that one anyway and used my sweaty arm sleeves. Which I dropped right into the potty when I was done.” Thank you, friend, for letting me know that I’m not alone in these porta potty debacles that I thought could only happen to me!


I runfess:  I’m a stickler for making sure I get three strength training sessions in per week and I’m convinced I’ve been able to run for so many years because of it. This week while at my mom’s house, other than my daily planks, I haven’t done any lunges, pushups, or any of the other things I could do without my weight equipment. I am; however, making up for my lack of lifting with all the weeding and gardening I’m doing.


I runfess:  I had perhaps one of the most pathetic runs of my life on Monday afternoon. When I made an appointment to take my mom’s cats to the vet first thing Tuesday morning, I decided to run late Monday afternoon rather than being rushed on Tuesday. I’m a terrible late day runner and it showed. More on the run, though, in the Weekly Wrap on Sunday.


I bikefess:  I hadn’t been on my bike in months until I dusted it off in July for a ride with Bill, and since have had several delightful rides! A few of the Cruisers and I had planned to do a century ride in August, but my good friend Chuck had ACL reconstruction surgery after getting hit by a snowboarder while skiing in February. He’s back up to biking over 30 miles on a spin bike (affiliate link), but isn’t allowed to ride outside (risk of falling) until August. We’re putting the full century on hold, but I plan to go check it out and perhaps do one of the shorter rides that day. A full century ride will have to wait until next year when Chuck is fully recovered!


There you have it, my most recent runfessions. Ahhh yes, it feels good to get another set off of my chest. See you next month in the runfessional.


  • Questions:
  • Do you lift weights while on vacation?
  • Do you take the occasional break from running to give your body a rest? 
  • What are your runfessions?




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