2019 didn’t find me toeing the line at as many races as most years, but you can bet that I had fun at the four races I ran. The 5K’s were both local, but I traveled to run the half marathon and 4-miler. All were run with either friends or family and I only had my personal photographer along the course at one of the races.



2 5K’s
1 4-Miler
1 Half Marathon
4 Total Races
2 Local Races/2 Destination Races
2 Age Group Wins
1 Age Group Third Place Finish
23.3 Racing Miles
3:42:43 Spent Racing
9:34 Average Pace
Endless Fun

2019 New Day New Year 5K
I started the new year off right by joining my friends to run the New Day New Year 5K. The swag for this race is just about the best I’ve come across. Last year it was a blanket; this year a hat, buff, and gloves – and all sporting the race logo.

How’d I do? Not so great and this race confirmed that I needed to see my spine doctor to help me figure out what was causing my right glute pain and leg numbness. Unfortunately, when I called on January 2nd, the earliest appointment I could get was for late January. I sidelined myself and didn’t run again until a glorious, albeit easy, half mile on February 28th.

Back to my race results… My friends and I stuck together, all running slowly – due to hangovers, injury (me), and empathy. It wasn’t pretty, but enjoying hot chocolate with my friends after the race made it all worthwhile!

  • 34:13 (11:02 pace) – 3rd age group

Not bling, but cool swag

2019 Firecracker 5K
It just wouldn’t be Independence Day without joining my friends to run in the Firecracker 5K and I was bound and determined to be healthy for the race. After the aforementioned nagging injuries subsided and I was able to gradually start building my mileage up at the end of March, I got back into my regular running routine. SI joint pain reared its ugly head and sidelined me once again for three non-consecutive weeks in June.

How’d I do? Apparently, those three weeks away from running were just what my body needed because I ran a good race and finished with a decent time. Those 60-64 year old ladies in Reston are fast and even with what seemed like a pretty good time, I missed third place in my age group by 14 seconds.

  • 27:22 (8:49 pace)


2019 Marine Corps Half
When my friend Beth suggested I join her for the Marine Corps Half at Camp Lejeune, NC while visiting her husband and her over a long weekend, I jumped at the chance. With ten Marine Corps Marathons under my belt, I knew the Marines would put on a great race!

With my winter and spring injuries mostly behind me I was able to slowly build my mileage, topping out at twelve miles two weeks before the race. I kept my training cycle as low keyed as possible, skipping any sort of speed work and sticking with easy conversation paced runs.

How’d I do? Despite the heat and humidity on race day, I felt great and my body responded just the way I’d hoped. I didn’t run a super fast race, but I felt great and ran strong enough to finish first in my age group!

  • 2:04:37 (9:31 pace) – 1st age group


2019 Charlotte Turkey Dash
My turkey trot tradition continued with this fun race with family and friends even though we were out of town. Part of our invitation to spent Thanksgiving in Charlotte was a promise that we’d start our day with a race!

How’d I do? Having never run a 4-mile race, I knew I’d be getting an automatic PR so I went into the race with a little extra pep in my step. I felt good, but not great during the race; however, that could have been the result of enjoying more than one glass of wine the evening before the race. Even though I’d drunk lots of water before, during, and after the wine, I still felt dehydrated throughout the race.

Despite the dehydration and being overdressed, I was able to keep my head in the race and focused on maintaining a somewhat steady pace. My pace was good enough to earn a first place in my age group!

  • 36:31 (9:08 pace) – 1st age group


This look back at my 2019 year of racing has gotten me excited about 2020. Who knows what 2020 will bring, but I hope I’m able to stay healthy and perhaps run a few more races than in 2019.


  • Questions:
  • How did your racing year end?
  • How many races do you plan to run next year?
  • Are you running in a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day race? ~ My friends and I have decided that instead of running in a race on New Year’s morning, we’ll meet for a run and coffee/hot chocolate afterward.