Last week while discussing the core, its location on the human body, and its function, I focused solely on one exercise, the plank. There are a wide variety of other exercises which are also great for strengthening the core and in today’s post, I list some of my favorites.

Photo credit: viktoriasbalance from Pixabay

Location and Functions of the Core

Quickly refreshing what I said in my Six Steps to a Perfect Plank, the core is made up of the muscles in your midsection (trunk and pelvis) from the top of your ribs to your inguinal fold and the area all the way around your body including your front, back, and both sides.

The chief function of the muscles within the core is to stabilize and protect the spine and provide support for the entire body. Strong core muscles give us a strong foundation for performing day-to-day activities, help improve our fitness level, and improve our quality of life.


Great Core Exercises

When looking for core exercises to add to your rotation, scanning YouTube can be a great start. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite core exercise which include a wide variety of difficulty levels. For your ease, I’ve linked each exercise to a video describing how to correctly perform the exercise.


  • • Which of these exercises are in your rotation?
  • • How often do you work your core?
  • • What other core exercises do you find beneficial?