Minimum Aerobic Recommendations for a Healthier Heart

Cardio (aerobic) exercises are activities that increase your heart and breathing rate over an extended period of time. The American Heart Association recommends we get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderately intensive cardio exercise each week. When spread out over the week, as little as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on 5 different days will meet those minimum requirements.

For those capable of doing more intensive exercise, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per week meets the minimum requirement. Breaking it down, as little as 25 minutes on 3 different days will allow those individuals to meet the minimum requirement.


Obvious Cardio Workouts

When gyms are open, it’s easy to find ways to fit in aerobic workouts simply by hitting up the cardio section of the gym. Typical cardio machines include treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, and rowers. Most gyms also offer a wide variety of aerobic classes, and some larger gyms even have swimming pools, basketball, tennis, and racketball courts.

However, with most gyms closed due to the corona virus pandemic, these indoor options may not be available except for those who have their own pieces of cardio equipment.


Outdoor Options

Weather permitting, there are plenty of ways to complete an aerobic workout in the great outdoors. Walking, running, and hiking are three of the easiest and least expensive options because other than good shoes, these activities require minimal equipment. Biking is another great option for those who have access to trails or minimally-traveled streets.

In communities where the pandemic hasn’t caused recreational facilities to be closed by fencing them off, playing tennis, soccer, or basketball provide excellent cardiovascular benefits.


Double Dipping with Chor’obics

When chores are looming and there’s no choice but to get them done, why not turn the not-so-fun into an aerobics challenge?

Chores + Aerobic Exercise = Chor’obics


Listed below are mundane everyday chores that easily get your heart rate up during the process, but aren’t as much fun as going for a bike ride. When you can double dip by checking these chores off your todo list and fulfill your daily aerobic exercise requirement, they may seem a little more worth your time. So put a little pep in your step and remind yourself that completing the chore not only gives you a sense of satisfaction, but it also provides you with fantastic health benefits.



Shoveling snow

Snow blowing

Stacking wood



Mowing the lawn

Pulling weeds

Power washing

Washing the car



Vacuuming with a purpose

Scrubbing the floor

Scouring the bathroom



Have you participated in chor’obics lately?


  • • Do you reach the recommended amount of time doing aerobic exercise each week?
  • • What’s your favorite non-traditional cardio workout?
  • • What chores do you do the most, but like the least?