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Memorial Day Weekend

I tend to work most holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. The gyms where I worked were always open and quite busy with people who had the day off so we were always scheduled to work. When I opened my own business that mindset stuck with me and I continued to offer to train clients. This year, though, I took Monday off and enjoyed a three-day weekend!

We used to have a huge barbecue on the Sunday of  Memorial Day weekend, but Covid ended that and we didn’t resume hosting this year. Instead, we enjoyed a bike ride with friends and invited them back to our house for a much smaller scale barbecue afterward.

The most appropriate acknowledgement of the Memorial Day holiday was the year we paid tribute at Arlington National Cemetery. We should do that more often…


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll beyond the infographic for daily details…



Cycling: 32 miles
• Average speed: 11.6 MPH
• Bike: Cannondale Topstone
• Surface: gravel
• Elevation gain: 2,362 feet
• Start time: 8:58 AM
• Location: Loudoun County, VA
• Weather: 68° and sunny, climbing to 78°
• What I wore: bike shorts, s/s jersey, and fingerless gloves

Bill and I joined our friends for a gravel ride out of Leesburg under delightful weather conditions – cool, low humidity, and puffy white clouds dotting a beautiful blue sky. Bill recently got a new toy, an Insta 360 camera (affiliate link) which takes amazing photos while erasing the selfie stick to give the impression of drone photography. You can see the shadow of the stick which could easily be photoshopped out.



Cycling: 42 miles
• Average speed: 14.6 MPH
• Bike: Specialized Roubaix Comp
• Surface: paved
• Elevation gain: 1,440 feet
• Start time: 8:45 AM
• Location: W&OD Trail Route 28 Bridge to Hamilton loop
• Weather: 71° and sunny without a cloud in the sky, climbing to 84°
• What I wore: bike shorts, s/s jersey, and fingerless gloves

Stretching: 10 minutes of shoulders and chest

I headed out alone – Bill wasn’t available to join me and sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to take off than trying to find a friend to join me. I had a great ride and enjoyed my time alone reflecting on Memorial Day and why we celebrate it.



Rest day



Strength training : 1 hour of total body

Gardening: 2 hours (it was 92 and mostly sunny)

Running: 2.5 miles
• Average pace: 10:04
• Start time: 7:22 AM
• Location: One Loudoun
• Weather: 87° and cloudy (feels like 92°)
• What I wore: shorts, tank and visor

There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to run with Meb even though the run would be in the evening and the temps would be soaring. Bill tried to get me to take the Insta 360 camera with me, but I chose not to (yes, I regretted it) and ended up not getting any running pictures. Spoiler alert, I couldn’t keep up with Meb. LOL

Luckily, my back felt fine, but I could tell that I shouldn’t push it with another run during the week. Slow and steady wins the race, right? 😉



Rolling: 10 minutes

Stretching: 10 minutes



Strength training : 1 hour of full body

Walking: 5K
• Average pace: 15:06
• Start time: 8:57 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 65° and sunny with a low humidity and breezy, climbing to 69° and cloudy
• What I wore: shorts and s/s shirt

Balance and stretching: 45 minutes

After work we walked to a food truck parked at a nearby church to pick up dinner.



Cycling: 43 miles
• Average speed: 13.1 MPH
• Bike: Cannondale Topstone
• Surface: gravel
• Elevation gain: 2,513 feet
• Start time: 9:01 AM
• Location: Western Loudoun County
• Weather: 71° and sunny, climbing to 90°
• What I wore: bike shorts, s/s jersey, and fingerless gloves

We joined the VeloPigs for a gravel ride in western Loudoun County, riding from our home to join them in Leesburg. It was one of the best rides I’ve had in a long time and not once did I look at my Garmin (affiliate link) to check the mileage which is always a sign that I’m having fun.


Last Week’s Blog Posts

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • Did you do anything special for Memorial Day?
  • • Did you celebrate Global Running Day?
  • • Did you run in a race this weekend?


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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