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Whenever my husband and I were cycling with a group, my pink and his orange helmet made it easy to find each other in the sea of mostly black or white helmets. Our helmets had lived a nice long life and after about six years of use, both were ready to be replaced.


Finding the Right Helmet

After a little research we landed on the Bontrager Specter WaveCel which got a five star rating in the 2022 Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings Guide. At $150, it’s in the mid-range of helmet pricing, but I got lucky and found last year’s model in my size and got it for 50% off. Unfortunately, pink was sold out nationwide and I had to settle for white.

I chose my old helmet because it had a visor to help keep the bright sun out of my eyes. What I didn’t realize until getting caught in a rainstorm a few weeks ago in my new helmet was how important the visor had been at keeping rain out of eyes. Wearing my new helmet, rain beat into my eyes causing me to have to look down, not into the distance where I was headed.


Embracing My New Cycling Cap

Many of my cycling friends wear silly little bike caps under their helmets to absorb sweat and to protect their eyes from the glaring sun and pelting rain. I didn’t want the added insulation of fabric covering my head on a hot day, but thought it wise to purchase a cap for rainy rides.


With rain in the forecast for Sunday’s Reston Century, I carried my newly purchased cap in my jersey pocket and when the rain started, I pulled over and slipped it on under my helmet. The tiny brim did far more than I expected and kept the rain out of my eyes and off of my sunglasses. Once the rain passed, I flipped the bill up until the next showers hit. Yes, I looked like a dweeb with the visor flipped up, but for once I allowed function to surpass fashion. 😉


  • • What items or gear have you recently purchase to make your favorite sport more enjoyable?
  • • Cycling friends, do you wear a cap under your helmet?
  • • What are your must-have items for your sport?


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