Welcome to my weekly series, Training Tip Tuesday. Each week I will focus on a different aspect of training – strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, etc.


Today’s Training Tip

Listen to your body


Why Listen to Your Body?

Although I came up with the phrase listen to your body while coaching marathon runners many years ago, I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to utter those words while giving that simple, yet very important advice. 

Our bodies are smart, very smart, and designed to do amazing things. If we treat them right, we can accomplish some pretty incredible feats. However, if we ignore their pleas to slow down, lighten the load, or get more rest, our bodies can turn on us and keep us from reaching our goals.


Clues that Your Body is Talking

Even though your body doesn’t always state the obvious when something is wrong, it gives you clues, and if you start experiencing any of the following issues while running, strength training, or any other activity, take heed…

  • • Dull or sharp pain
  • • Minor, but consistent nagging pain
  • • Swelling or bruising
  • • Tender when touched
  • • Tingling or numbness
  • • Trouble sleeping
  • • Unusual tiredness


Answering Your Body’s Call

Should you experience any of the above or any other issues of concern, try the following, and if that doesn’t work, seek medical advice from either a physician or physical therapist…

  • • Cut back on training for a few days
  • • RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • • Set sleep hours and stick to them
  • • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • • Stay hydrated


  • • Are you guilty of not listening to your body? ~ Yes, and more than once
  • • If your answer to the above is yes, what’s an example? ~ In 2012 I majorly overdid it while strength training and hurt my back (I later discovered through an MRI that I had a bulging disc which may or may not have come from the strength training incident). As soon as I’d feel a little better I’d start running long mileage again while training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon. Unfortunately, I never gave my back time to heal and had to withdrawal from the race.
  • • What other training tips would you like for me to cover?