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The Healing Process

It’s always impossible to determine exactly what contributed most effectively to healing any injury. My calf strain went from feeling like I’d been kicked hard in the back of my leg to feeling remarkably well in just over a week. I’m able to take walks with the slightest limp and can ride my spin bike (affiliate link) with no pain. Running is out of the question for several more weeks (dorsiflexion of my left foot causes calf pain), but without any races on the docket, I’m okay with that.

I was feeling enough better by Monday afternoon that I didn’t make an appointment with my physical therapist. I followed the standard treatment using RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) plus two additional items.

I took Advil for the first four days and I also applied Charlotte’s Webb CBD creme (affiliate link) to my calf twice a day. I had only used CBD creme once, and with very good results, after getting a sample at a bike race. Luckily, I had recently purchased CBD creme to have on hand in case my knee started acting up as I add miles and elevation to my cycling spring training.

Of course, I am not a doctor and I’m not prescribing this treatment plan, but it’s what worked for me. RICE is a standard method of treatment for strains and I’ve been advised by doctors in the past to take Advil for similar injuries. I’m glad I stumbled across the CBD creme and had some on hand as it has really seemed to expedite the healing.


Overview of the Week

Before discussing each day’s workouts, here’s an overview of my workouts from this past week. Scroll beyond the infographic for daily details…



Rest day

Thanks to a still tender left calf, I had no choice but to take a rest from doing cardio. On the positive side, the swelling was finally gone and I could put weight on that leg.



Strength training: 1 hour of upper body and core

I was able to comfortably, albeit slowly, walk one of my clients approximately a half mile round-trip to and from his house to the gym for his workout.



Walking: ½ mile
• Average pace: 21:00 minute/mile
• Elevation gain: 134 feet
• Start time: 6 AM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 40° and cloudy
• What I wore: capris, s/s shirt, down jacket, gloves, mittens, and ear warmer headband

Cycling: 7 miles
• Average speed: 15.3 MPH
• Bike: Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Spin
• Surface: N/A
• Elevation gain: N/A
• Start time: 6:29 AM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 63°
• What I wore: bike shorts and tank

The first thing I noticed when I got up was that I could put full weight on my left leg without any pain! Feeling positive, I decided to do a ½-mile test walk before firing up my spin bike to also give cycling a try. Both went well, but only because I kept my speed slower than normal and kept my left foot completely flat on the pedal (no dorsiflexion or plantar extension). I was thrilled that I felt absolutely no pain in my calf during either activity.



Strength training: 1 hour of total body

Walking: 1 mile
• Average pace: 19:05 minute/mile
• Elevation gain: 41 feet
• Start time: 4:37 PM
• Location: neighborhood circle
• Weather: 50° (feels like 45°) and sunny
• What I wore: capris, s/s shirt, fleece jacket, gloves, and visor

While strength training I added some leg exercises back into my workout without pain.  I was super pleased with how quickly my calf was healing, so pleased, that I decided to double my walk distance from the day before.

During the mid-afternoon I recertified in CPR, AED, and first aid, all required to hold my personal training and running coach certifications.



Cycling: 18 miles
• Average speed: 15.54 MPH
• Bike: Life Fitness Lifecycle GX Spin
• Surface: N/A
• Elevation gain: N/A
• Start time: 5:57 AM
• Location: basement
• Weather: 62°
• What I wore: bike shorts and tank

Kim and I kept our workout streak going with a fun early morning virtual ride. My goal was to ride until 7 AM as long as I didn’t feel any calf pain and I was thrilled to meet that goal.



Strength training: 1 hour of total body

Balance and stretching: 45 minutes



Travel day

Walking: 1 mile
• Average pace: 19:05 minute/mile
• Elevation gain: 105 feet
• Start time: 6:18 PM
• Location: son and d-i-l’s neighborhood
• Weather: 54° and cloudy
• What I wore: capris, l/s shirt, down jacket, and gloves

We started spring break with a drive to see Pablo and his humans in Charlotte, NC. After dinner, we took Pablo on a hilly short walk through his neighborhood.


Last Week’s Blog Posts

In case you skipped checking in on my blog this past week, here’s what you missed…


  • • Have you used CBD cream or other topical agents? ~ I hadn’t tried CBD creme until that one time last spring, but I’d used Aspercreme, IcyHot, etc.
  • • What was your favorite workout of the week? ~ I always look forward to riding with Kim, and of course, if you could count my walk with Pablo a workout, it would rank right up there as a favorite!
  • • Did you run in race this weekend? ~ No


And that’s my rundown… Have a great week!




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