Today’s Training Tip

Make exercise a priority


Excuses, Excuses

I often hear from clients that the reason they don’t workout regularly is because they don’t have time. It’s the oldest excuse in the book, sometimes for legitimate reasons, sometimes not… 


Make Yourself a Priority

It’s hard to put yourself first, especially for a working parent who has a busy schedule and spends what free time he/she has chauffeuring kids around to sports and activities, preparing dinner, and helping with homework once the workday is done. Exercise is important for good health and a healthy parent can perform better, both at work and at home.


Find the Best Time for You

If finding enough time is the issue, take a closer look at your schedule. Determine when is the best time to schedule your workout and plan accordingly…

  • • Designate a time that is works best and put it on your calendar
  • • Multitask by going for a run or walk while waiting for your children after driving them to an activity
  • • Break your workout into segments – get up 30 minutes earlier for one part and squeeze in the other part during your lunch break
  • • Don’t dismiss small segments of available time as not enough for a mini workout


Schedule Your Workouts

Once you’ve established when and where you plan to workout, add it to your calendar. Your appointment with yourself is as important as any other!


  • • When is your best time to workout? ~ First thing in the morning
  • • How do you organize your workouts? All at once or throughout the day as time permits? ~ What I can’t complete before seeing my first client, I weave into open time slots throughout the day.
  • • What other training tips would you like for me to cover?