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Today’s Training Tip

Keep exercise affordable


Excuses, Excuses

Occasionally when I tell someone that I’m a personal trainer, their response will be something like, “I wish I could afford a personal trainer so I could get into shape.” I quickly jump into motivational mode while spilling out the plethora of exercise options that cost very little. Walking, hiking, running, bodyweight calisthenics, and yoga to name just a few…


Affordable Ways to Exercise

If joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer is out of the question, opt for less expensive or free ways to exercise. Options could include…

• Walking – One of the best and most basic exercises is walking and is an activity that many people can pick up at zero cost. Unless there are foot issues that would preclude you from wearing sneakers you already own, all you’d need to do is lace them up and head out the door.

• Hiking – Even though hiking might require sturdier shoes and driving to a trail, the chance of seeing animals in the wild, a wider variety of plants, and the possibility of spectacular views can be well worth the extra time and money spent on gasoline.


• Running – Believe it or not, running can be very affordable after absorbing the cost of shoes properly fitted to your particular needs. Just because your friend has a fancy GPS watch and a different brand name running outfit with matching sunglasses for every run, doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Running shorts, tanks, tights, and jackets can be purchased at great prices at Walmart, Target, and online; and one or two of each is really all that’s needed. Rather than buying an expensive Garmin, consider buying a basic stop watch (affiliate link) to record runs on pre-determined distances, or run on time rather than time and distance.


• Cycling – Cycling can be a little more expensive, but if you already have a bike, you’ve already absorbed much of the cost. A well-fitting helmet (affiliate link), is a must, but after that, there’re not a lot that’s absolutely needed. If you have a little extra money to spend, I’d recommend thinking of safety first and buying a headlamp and taillight (affiliate link) before putting money in cycling specific clothing.


• Bodyweight calisthenics – Old fashioned calisthenics can be done anytime, anywhere and without any special gear or equipment.

• Yoga – Yoga can easily be done at home by either doing poses you’ve learned in previous classes or by finding classes online in which you can follow along.


• Swimming – During the summer swimming can be free, or at least very affordable, if your neighborhood has a community pool. If not, check with your area parks and recreation department (rather than a swim club) to see if they have indoor or outdoor pools at their facilities.

• Exercise apps – A wide variety of exercise apps can be downloaded on your phone. Look for free ones first and if you find you need more options, only then consider using one that charges a monthly fee.

• YouTube videos – All types of workouts can be found simply by doing a search within the YouTube app.


  • • What affordable workouts do you do? ~ I enjoy participating in many of the above activities I’ve listed, but because I’ve been doing them all for so long, I’ve invested in a lot of the luxury equipment over the years.
  • • When was the last time and where did you hike? ~ Dark Hollow Falls in Shenandoah National Park last fall with Judy
  • • Do you use any exercise apps? If so, which? ~ Not really other than tracking my cardio workouts with Strava


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