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A Long Run Junkie’s Tips For Surviving Your Next Long Run

With spring marathon season upon us, runners are finishing up their last long run, tapering, or basking in the glow of hanging another medal on their rack. For those who didn’t run a spring marathon, but are running this fall; or for those who enjoy running multiple marathons per year (I like your style), you’re probably […]


Getting Stronger With Hill Repeats

Hill repeats can be grueling, but make a huge difference in your ability to run well at both road races and on trails.  My MRTT friends and I recently ran the ZOOMA Half Marathon in Annapolis before we added hill repeats to our summer training schedule and we paid for it dearly. Last summer we […]


The Importance Of Conversation Pace Runs

Just like rest days, conversation pace runs might seem insignificant as a major contributor to our training, but actually serve a huge and important purpose during marathon training.   A conversation pace run is any run done while being able to easily hold a conversation with another runner – it’s as simple as that.  It’s […]


Types Of Training Runs

When designing your training plan, you might use several different types of runs at various points in your training cycle.  You’ll need an understanding of what each type of run will give you in order to decide if you’ll want to incorporate it into your plan.  Today, though, we are only going to talk about […]


Riverbend Park Trail Run Along The Potomac River

=PR= Race Series held their third of four free trail runs this morning at Riverbend Park in Great Falls.  From =PR= Race Series website: The Trail series is perfect for runners of all levels.  If you are new to trail and just want to try it out, if you are an experienced trail-head or somewhere […]


Time For A Tempo Run

Without a doubt, the tempo run is my favorite way to get faster.  It’s a speed workout that I look forward to, enjoy during the process, yet feel completely spent when I’m done.  And, I give tempo training full credit for making my 2014 racing season so successful! What exactly is a tempo run? In […]


Fartleks – Try Not To Giggle

Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning speed play, and it’s a great way to get faster without an organized speed session.  Fartlek is also a word that garners lots of giggles when used in front of children and immature adults. 🙂   The concept is very simple – pick up your pace for any given […]


Listening To My Body

Sometimes adhering to your own advice can be the most difficult… Anyone that has trained with me has heard me say, “Listen to your body.”  That’s easy advice to give, but not always easy to follow. Let’s back it up to Thursday when I had a great, steady run with my MRTT girls.  We ran […]


Mourning The Loss Of The Marathon

I ran my last marathon on November 12, 2011.  At the time, I didn’t realize that my marathon career was pretty much over… I know that I could run another marathon, but seriously, how many do I need to run?  I have 40 under my belt and shouldn’t I just be happy with that?  I […]


Track Repeats:  Love to Hate Speed Work

I love to run, and I love to run fast.  There are several different types of runs that will help us get faster, but today I’m talking about track repeats.  I don’t  necessarily love the work that goes into getting faster through track workouts until I’m in my second or third repeat; but if it […]

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