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Respecting the Principles of Overload and Adaptation

Back In the Good Old Days When I was younger, I could take a six-month hiatus from running, go out for a five-mile run and hardly feel anything the following day. Today, though, such a careless lack of respect for my body would lead to all kinds of complaints the following day ranging from DOMS […]


On Tuesday, I talked about the importance of physical activity in relationship to heart health. Today, I’m talking about the five components of an exercise routine and how each contributes to your overall health. I feel best if I can find the time during the week to fit in all four types of exercise into […]


Home Gym Basics

I recently shared Equipment Ideas For The Home Or Office Gym with a new husband/wife client team and followed with suggestions of which pieces of equipment I’d recommend getting first as they build their home gym. I’m a big believer in purchasing home gym equipment gradually and only as needed. My clients were probably relieved that I didn’t […]

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