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Moji 360 Massager Review

You all know that I love my foam rollers, even if I don’t remember to use them every day.  And yes, I’m getting better about using them regularly!  Remember back in July when I wrote Rolling It Out, a “how to” on rolling out trigger points?  At the time I told you about (and how […]


A Sunshiny Kind of Day

Thank you, Melissa at Feeling Imperfections, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!  This sweet little award is going around the blogoshpere right now, and it’s a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers who are positive, creatively inspire their readers, and bring a ray of sunshine to their day (I added that last part).  […]


Gym Fashionistas and a Special Treat

My client and I really needed to wear each others shoes today!  As you can see in the following picture, my Adidas Boston jacket and Monica’s Saucony shoes were a perfect match! And this picture shows how beautifully my Asics GT2000 match Monica’s Under Armour shorts!  We looked good together; as long as I stood […]