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Equipment Ideas For Your Home Or Office Gym

Recently, a friend reached out to me for help setting up a gym at her office.  Her company is converting an empty office into a workout room and she called me to get some equipment ideas for what she should buy to get the most bang for her company’s buck.  We talked for a few […]


Rolling It Out

I’m a big fan of foam rolling, and really need to do it more often!  I tend to roll out my muscles after a race or long run, but they would certainly benefit from regular work.  I mean seriously!  If I have the opportunity to get a sweet little massage for my legs after every […]


Icing It Up And Rolling It Out

How can you possibly wake up whiny when you look outside and see this beautiful sunrise. I haven’t run since last Saturday, so maybe I could whine a little… After three days of back spasms, piriformis and hip flexor pain, my foam roller is once again my best friend. I’m starting to feel better, and […]