Part of keeping my personal training and weight loss management certifications up to date includes keeping a current CPR certification; and today was the day I took care of that for two more years! Thanks to the fine folks over at CrossFit for letting this independent trainer join their Heartsaver (American Heart Association) CPR, AED, and First Aid class today.


I took my first CPR class when I was a student at Virginia Tech. It was one of my health education requirements and we spent an entire quarter learning both American Red Cross and American Heart Association adult, child, infant, single-person and two-person CPR and first aid.  There were a bunch of guys from the Virginia Tech football team in my class, and I remember one of them was my partner for the two-person CPR.  He was a huge, strong guy and the professor told him that he was going to kill Annie with his deep compressions! Back then there was a different count/ratio for each type of patient, and you were tested both practically and with a written test at the end of each type of certification. Today there are no written tests, and the instructor simply watched us to make sure we had a good grasp on what we were doing.

The early day “Resusci-Annie” had arms and legs and had a really bad blonde haircut. She was dressed in an ugly navy and red “jogging suit” and wore white sneakers.  Come to think of it, I had a very similar look!


Resusci Annie


Today’s CPR Dummy is legless and armless

I encourage you to take a CPR class if you’re not already certified, or to take a refresher class if your certification has expired (or is close to expiring).  Who knows, it could make a difference in the life of someone you love.


CPR Dummies with Mouth Pieces Awaiting Class to Begin

Look what came in the mail yesterday!  I have been reading a lot about compression socks lately (Bill already had a pair that I got for him a couple of years ago).  Last weekend I borrowed his socks after my 15-mile run and decided that I had to have a pair of my own!  They came yesterday, on a Saturday, after my long run.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!   🙂


Look what the mailman delivered!


Happy legs and feet!

  • Questions:
  • Are you CPR certified?
  • When did you take your first CPR class?
  • Have you ever worn compressions socks post-run?