Today was my friend’s 62nd birthday! I met Betty in January 2008 when she hired me to help her in her weight loss journey; however, today it is more of a wellness lifestyle we focus on. Starting on Wednesday, we are going to follow her journey through fad diets, weight loss and gain, barriatric surgery, and finally find her at a place where “she feels good!” Please be sure to pop back in on Wednesday for this three-part series.

Normally my at-home clients walk around to the back of my house and enter through the basement door. When the weather is bad, I leave the garage door up for them and they enter through it. Sometimes when it’s really bad, they will pull into my garage and park, as Betty did today. Looks like I can add “garage parking” to my web site! 🙂


And yes, we woke up to another snowy Monday. This photo isn’t a repeat of last Monday’s picture, really; but it was at the home of the same client, with the same beautiful 30-minute drive in the falling snow, and the same jonquils… just a week later and covered in a slightly deeper snowfall.


 Oh Phil, you silly, silly groundhog.  You tease us so!

  • Questions:
  • What would you like to change the most to make your lifestyle better?
  • Tell me one thing that you believe is the secret to your healthy lifestyle success.
  • Is it spring yet where you live? I know, I know, I have to keep asking!