I’ve trained a lot of people during my career, and I never push them to become runners. Really, I don’t! Every once in a while, someone will tell me that they want to sign up for a race, and inside I’m jumping up and down screaming, “Yippee!” but outside, I’m like, “Oh, that’s cool.”


Sketched by Cruiser, Jerome

Last summer Jessica told me that she wanted to run a Thanksgiving Day 5K and that she had found an app called Couch to 5K. During our sessions we would talk about how her training was going, and occasionally we would run together before I trained her. Thanksgiving morning she completed her first ever road race (I was her running buddy) and even cut four minutes off of her 5K training time! She is signed up for her second 5K in mid-April, and she’s promised to run in the TKO Melanoma 5K with me in May!  I’m a happy girl!


Hanging with Jessica after the local Turkey Trot last fall

Lolly decided about a year after she started working out with me that she’d like to start running in local races, and her first race was the 2010 Thanksgiving Day 10K. Since then, we’ve run a 5K, 10K, 15K, 10-Miler, and two half-marathons together!


Waiting with Lolly for the Thanksgiving Day 10K

Vel and I trained together for several years, and when I was injured last year, she was so sweet and joined the Cruisers to walk with me. As I recovered, we started adding little running intervals into our walks. When Lolly and I started talking about running in a local 5K last fall, Vel said she would love to join us!  Girlfriend did great!


Flexing  before the race with Lolly and Vel

Tips for Beginner Runners:

  • Get professionally fitted in the right running shoes for you
  • Start out slowly and don’t worry about your pace or distance
  • Don’t be afraid to walk when necessary
  • Find a running buddy… someone that is depending on you to show up to run with them (you’ll hold each other accountable)
  • Listen to your body…  If something hurts, ease up on your distance and/or speed until you figure out what’s wrong.
  • Find a running app for your phone to guide you
  • Use Map My Run to plan running courses and calculate your mileage
  • Sign up for a local race so you have something to work toward
  • Read running magazines, blogs, and books for motivation
  • Buy weather appropriate clothing, and learn about layering

Tomorrow I’ll talk about some of my favorite fitness related apps.  Stayed tuned!

  • Questions:
  • What made you decide to run in your first race?
  • Have you ever worked out with a personal trainer?
  • Do you use any phone apps to complement your running?