Just as Tropical Storm Andrea hits the east coast, my new Runner’s World Magazine arrived in the mail.  If I can train my clients tomorrow morning plus get my chores done, perhaps I can curl up during the rainy afternoon and read it from cover-to-cover.  This month is a special issue covering the Boston bombings.  It may be a hard issue to read…  We continue to pray for the victims and families, and as the magazine cover says, the running community is “stronger than ever.”


As I mentioned yesterday, the Cruisers met for a special mid-week run to celebrate National Running Day!  Everyone fought rush hour traffic to make it to the trail for our 7 PM run.  Well, everyone but me since we live near the trail and my last client came to my home gym!  Lucky girl, indeed!


We were thrilled to have one of our founding Cruisers, Terri, join us.  She has been plagued with an Achilles injury, and hopefully she is finally on the road to recovery!  Terri is my Cruiser partner-in-crime.  Oh, the stories we can tell about each other…  Fortunately the Cruisers have a rule, “What happens on the trail, stays on the trail.”


The W&OD Trail was busier than usual with many runners celebrating National Running Day.  I know of two other groups that held group runs within one mile of where we met.  Impressive!


Vamshi decided to try out his new Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas since it was a special running day.  I can’t wait to hear what he thinks after he runs a few miles in them.  I don’t think my poor runner’s feet with about a million miles on them are good candidates for Vibrams.  I don’t think my orthotics would fit in them either!  😉


Here’s a look at the tops of Vamshi’s Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas.


On our way home from the trail, Bill and I stopped at Subway to grab sandwiches for dinner.  It had been forever since we ate at Subway and I don’t think a sandwich has ever tasted so good!


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